JobAdder Recruitment Bootcamp 3

Find and foster client relationships

When: 4-Weekly, 30-min on-demand sessions
Where: Virtually

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Topic: Find and foster client relationships with Recruiting Gym

Are you afraid of picking up the phone to new clients? Tired of making cold outreach that produces no results? We have the solution for you!

Join JobAdder and business development expert Kate O’Neill of Recruiting Gym for an extensive, online BD bootcamp featuring interactive learning from a fresh perspective to help you level up your business development skills: from sourcing opportunities to turning rejections around.

Weekly 30-minute, online training sessions with expert Kate O’Neill to improve your overall business development efforts

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What’s in the 4-week programme

Week 1

Identifying and qualifying opportunities

  • What is an “opportunity”?
  • How to identify the potential for business
  • How to qualify an opportunity
  • How to apply this to your current clients

Week 2

Time management and prioritisation

  • Why BD is so important in recruitment
  • Leaky bucket theory – how to apply this
  • Priorities for Dedicated Consultants
  • Priorities for 360 Consultants

Week 3

Business development calls

  • Why they are so effective
  • Building a relationship with the “gatekeeper”
  • Call structure and its application
  • Creating opportunities out of every call

Week 4

Handling objections

  • Typical objections you might face
  • Why clients give you objections
  • How to handle and resolve them
  • The importance of mindset

Who is running the session?

Kate O’Neill

Kate is a Recruitment Trainer and DISC accredited Coach. She’s been in the industry for over 10 years with experience as a Consultant, Manager and now Educator. She works with recruitment professionals to help unlock their full potential and arm them with the knowledge they need to succeed at their role.

Passionate about business development, Kate has helped many recruiters and managers understand themselves at a deeper level and work more cohesively with their candidates, clients and colleagues.