JobAdder recruitment bootcamp 2

Stretch and grow your sourcing muscles

with Recruiting Gym

When: 3-Weekly, 30-min on-demand sessions
Where: Virtually online

Topic: Stretch and Grow your Sourcing Muscles

Are you getting frustrated with spending too much time on sourcing candidates and getting too little in return?

Join JobAdder and sourcing expert Katharine Robinson of Recruiting Gym for an exclusive, online sourcing bootcamp featuring interactive learning from a fresh perspective to help you level up your search and engagement skills – without even breaking a sweat!

*Note: The sourcing challenge is only available for live attendees and is no longer open

Weekly 30-minute, online training session with expert Katharine Robinson to gain more confidence with your online sourcing

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What’s in the programme?

Week 1

  • Google is getting smarter – can our searches be dumber?
  • Are smart Boolean searches coming undone?
  • A challenge to get you searching

Week 2

  • Search industry sites to find relevant candidates
  • Dive into vertical networks like GitHub to find tech talent
  • A challenge to get you investigating

Week 3

  • Tapping into candidate’s digital footprint
  • Helpful Chrome extension
  • A challenge to get you digging deeper

Who is running the session?

Katharine Robinson

Katharine teaches recruiters to search the Internet, or searches it for them. Her sourcing training aims to make you bolder with the tools you use to look for and engage candidates.

Half her time is still spent sourcing and market mapping for clients, she finds this helps keep her focused on the tools and techniques that really work.