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Recruitment trends to attract top talent in 2022

Savvy recruiters globally are adopting new strategies to overcome talent shortages and the great resignation. Many of these new strategies are emerging as recruitment trends and they are impacting the entire sector.

What are these trends and which ones should you be adopting to ensure you can compete for top talent in 2022 and beyond?

JobAdder has partnered with international recruitment expert Hung Lee, who joined our CTO Owen Senior to discuss the global recruitment trends that are impacting talent acquisition today.

In this session, you will hear discussions of:

  • The top 5 emerging recruitment trends
  • The future of hybrid working
  • The changing nature of work
  • Tips on increasing quality of hire and diversity
  • Leadership imperatives for the new era
  • New value proposition in recruitment

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Hung Lee

Recruiting Brainfood

Owen Senior

Chief Product and Technology Officer, JobAdder

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