Recruitment analytics

Powerful recruitment analytics and data at your fingertips

Dive deep into your recruitment data to make better business decisions.

JobAdder Analytics PowerAdder

A bird’s eye view of how your business is performing

Access end-to-end data analytics tools all in one place, with interactive data visualisation dashboards, key metrics filters and data drill-downs that bring actionable insights to your team.

Fine-tune your recruitment strategy with real-time data

Utilise accurate, up-to-date recruitment metrics to drive better, faster decision-making throughout your hiring process.

Produce detailed reports, anytime

Download, send and schedule reports to different team members so the right people are informed and ready to respond.

Manage staff access levels

Set different levels of access for different team members. Restrict access by sub-groups such as team, office or geography. Create rules around who can view what dashboard.

Find your star performers

At a glance, learn which candidate sourcing strategies are working best. Track KPIs for individual contractors, job boards, social media, your careers page and more to learn where you should concentrate recruitment efforts – and where you shouldn’t.

Reduce inefficiencies

Our software pulls data automatically for easy, effortless insights into how processes across your recruitment funnel are performing so you can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, fast.

Advanced reporting to easily share insights

Generate, share and present key insights with built-in graphical and visualisation tools, whenever you need it.

Candidate reports

Analyse touch points throughout the application process to learn where applicants drop off for a better, more streamlined candidate experience. Plus, view and filter candidates by internal ratings, time-added and recruitment source.

Job reports

Analyse job postings and find how many applicants come from each candidate source. Track potential candidates along every step of the talent pipeline, and know the average number of days it takes to fill a position.

Company reports

Know exactly the number of companies currently hiring, and the number of companies assigned to each recruiter. Keep track of placements throughout onboarding and understand the health of your partnerships.

Analytics by JobAdder
Visual interactive dashboard
Slice and dice data using filtersBasicAdvanced
Drill down into numbers to see underlying data
Real-time syncing of data
Download report
Send and schedule reports
Set different levels of access
Efficiency reporting – track how long applications
take to reach a status and how long they stay
in a status (identify bottlenecks)
Benchmarking – compare individual consultants’
performance against the company average
Fill rateBasicAdvanced
Contractors/temp reportBasicAdvanced
Compare metrics for smarter insights
(e.g. Applications vs Jobs/Hires or Open Jobs vs Live Ads)
Compare metrics to previous time periods
Business development success rate
Lost companies – surface companies that may have
been missed and could be re-engaged
Offer acceptance rate
Percentage of hires above budget
Note text length – great for keeping track
of SMS notes and SMS spend
Placement document compliance
Live TV – display the Live TV dashboard in the office

Hear why your peers love JobAdder’s Recruitment analytics

17th May
Matt Baker
Bolton Clarke

It has been valuable to have our metrics readily available to dive into and report on. It’s drastically reduced our time to collate reports and provide more in-depth analysis than we’ve previously been able to do.

5th Aug
Mary Blake
Citrus Group

JobAdder provides us with the ability to get some really great insights into market trends and analytics and that’s also a great differentiator for us.

17th May
Matt Sampson
Aspect Personnel

We are very much moving into a data-driven society. I think JobAdder does a great job at capturing that data. I think that Analytics is an awesome tool to add another layer of analysis on top of that data. This is really beneficial for me as a business owner, to understand some of the opportunities and some of the bottlenecks we’re facing as a business and for individuals in the business, so that we can direct our efforts to the right things

17th May
Chris Redmond

JobAdder has really changed the way that we work, as well as the access through Analytics that we’ve now got to manipulate and interrogate data as well.

17th May
Courtney Chambers

In comparison to our prior system, we now have the ability to build reports and to be able to report upon things that are relevant to our business again.

3rd Feb
Jim Harrison
ESS Super

Being able to easily measure things like time to hire, cost of hiring and volume of activity has enabled us to make better decisions.

17th May
Patrick Mylonas
Burbank Group

We couldn’t capture any data previous to having JobAdder and monthly reporting was a nightmare. JobAdder makes it so much easier and delivers useful insights that shape our ongoing recruitment activity.

23rd Jun
Senga Allen
Everest People

That’s the way of the future. We’ve got to make the most of the data that we have, and we’ve been able to do that with JobAdder.

23rd Jun
Joel Broughton

We look at what jobs we have open, how long they take to fill and how much we’re saving. JobAdder Analytics saves us a ridiculous amount of time and is a brilliant system.

Discover the joy JobAdder can add to your job

  1. Easy and intuitive
  2. Award-winning local support
  3. No lock-in contracts

Answers to your Recruitment analytics questions

Does JobAdder work for small businesses?
Yes, JobAdder is a great option for small businesses. Users can scale up or down at any time depending on current needs, so you only pay for what you’ll actually use.
How does JobAdder’s applicant tracking software (ATS) work?

JobAdder’s ATS is an end-to-end recruitment system designed to help recruiters, agencies, hiring teams, and HR management alike attract and hire the best candidates possible.

From the very start of the recruitment process right through to placement, our platform enables everything to happen centrally. From attracting job seekers to managing applications, interview scheduling, sharing shortlisted candidates, doing reference checks, social recruiting, communicating with candidates, clients, hiring managers and more.

How is JobAdder different from other staffing and recruitment platforms?

JobAdder exists to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved – not just the users of our platform. We’re here to improve the hiring experience for candidates, clients, internal stakeholders, human resources management and HR teams as well as recruiters, and that drives our continual innovation. We believe in proving our value every day, giving customers freedom from lock-in annual contracts. Customers stay because they want to, not because they have to. Visit Why JobAdder to learn more.

Which industries is JobAdder most suitable for?

From telecommunications to technology, mining to marketing, our recruitment software helps recruiters in every sector shine. Find out how we can best help your industry here.

What type of business is JobAdder suitable for?

The JobAdder platform is designed to help make recruitment more efficient and joyful for all involved. The businesses it is most suited to are recruitment and staffing agencies and in-house HR and talent acquisition teams – the teams that manage the recruitment process.

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Application management
Task Management

Stay on top of your to-do list and never forget to follow up again with Task Management.

JobAdder + SEEK Talent Search Connect (TSC)

Automatically search and match SEEK candidates without leaving JobAdder.

Candidate sourcing
AI and Skill Matching

Automatically discover candidates who match your open roles with our artificial intelligence and skill matching AI recruiting software.

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