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Know someone who needs a new ATS and CRM? Existing JobAdder users can earn up to £250 in vouchers with our easy referral program.

How it works

Know someone who needs some JobAdder joy?

When you refer someone to JobAdder and they chat with our sales team, you get a £50 voucher, just like that!

It’s a match!

If the chat goes well and your referral becomes a JobAdder customer for 90 days or more, then you get a sweet £200 voucher.

Collect your referral vouchers

At the end of the quarter, your vouchers will be delivered in your home currency, so no pesky conversions are needed.

Start referring!

Ready to refer but need some more info?

Check out our FAQs below…

Referrers must be existing JobAdder customers.

To be eligible for the voucher, at the time of referral, a referred prospect’s current business or employer must:

  • not be an existing JobAdder customer;
  • not be a prospect that has previously been referred to JobAdder by you or anyone else;
  • not have been a customer of JobAdder within the 6 months prior to the referral submission; or
  • not have been in contact with the JobAdder sales team within the 6 months prior to the referral submission.

As many as you want! But there is a maximum of four vouchers per individual in a calendar year. While we love your enthusiasm to introduce your mates, it’s important to note that we’re only offering vouchers for professional referrals that would genuinely be interested in using JobAdder.

You have to refer a prospect to JobAdder who isn’t an existing customer and that referred prospect must have a conversation with a member of the JobAdder sales team about our product. You can’t refer the same prospect more than once.

Once that referred prospect moves through the sales process and becomes a fee-paying JobAdder customer for 90 days or more, you will be eligible for a £200 voucher. The referred prospect must sign up within 6 months of your referral.

Your vouchers will be issued at the end of the quarter in which you become eligible to receive them.

Your vouchers will be issued through GiftPay, a gifting platform, and in your home currency if you’re based in Australia, the UK, the US or Canada. For those in other countries, you’ll be issued a voucher in Australian dollars.

If you’re looking for more info, you can find our terms and conditions here.

Can’t think of anyone to refer?

If you’re a JobAdder fan but just can’t think of anyone who needs our platform right now, then it would be great if you could leave us a review instead!

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