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How generative AI is shaping the future of recruitment

Generative AI eBook

There’s a whole lot of talk right now about generative AI (artificial intelligence) and the positive or negative ripple effects it could have.

While some companies are banning its use, others are embracing the new technology and its huge potential. 

No matter where you sit on this spectrum (joyfully adopting or running for the hills), it’s clear that generative AI brings a new paradigm shift to the recruitment world, blending efficiency with human-like creativity to simplify the recruitment process.

Whether you’re a seasoned recruitment agency owner or a recruitment or HR professional intrigued by the potential of AI, this eBook will help you explore the opportunities and capabilities of generative AI in recruitment, including:

  • What is generative AI? Let’s ask ChatGPT…
  • Why should you care about generative AI?
  • Why are companies hesitant about generative AI? 
  • How companies are already investing in generative AI
  • What does this mean for recruitment?
  • How does generative AI transform the recruiter’s role?
  • How to make the most of generative AI with clever prompts
  • How to overcome common adoption challenges

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