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Attracting candidates to your career page: Examples and important components

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder

Now more than ever, candidates care about who they choose to work with, as much as they do about getting the job. Even before starting the application process, a candidate will likely assess your careers page first, and make judgements from there. 

A careers page gives you the space to showcase your company values and work environment, making it the ideal platform to attract top talent. Ideally, you’ll want your careers page to be clean-cut, simple, engaging and user-friendly.

Check out some of our favourite company career pages and the top components of a successful career page. 

Components of a great careers page

Getting great candidates to apply for your open positions can be difficult, but there are a few things you should have on your careers page that might help.

Your careers page should include:

  • Your company’s mission statement, branding and values. These should be front and centre, including a short but precise description of why you do what you do, and how you’re doing it. Don’t overload your page with content and avoid jargon.
  • Include videos as much as possible. This could involve an office tour with employees jumping in and saying hello or employee testimonials about what it’s like to work at your company and why they come in every day. For example, our own video.
  • Add benefits and employee perks. Yours could include career development programs, free lunches, monthly birthday celebrations, paid courses, flexible work, paid parental leave and so on. 
  • Capture candidates’ attention through colour and visuals with graphics and videos playing in the background. Remember to relate it to your branding.
  • Provide reviews from companies like Glassdoor and a link to your brand’s social media. Additionally, highlight any diversity and inclusion programs and detail how you support and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion throughout your operations.  
  • Finally, consider adding a company blog, a FAQs page and remember to update your careers page every quarter with new information, including new hires, benefits, images, videos and job openings.

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6 of the best career page examples to inspire your recruitment team

Your company’s career page should showcase what it’s like to work there. It should showcase some of the company culture, core values of the brand and help candidates decide if your company is a good fit. Let’s take a look at our favourite career pages. 


Spotify’s “Join the Band” career page is centred around the company’s core values of teamwork and has a space for potential candidates to explore its hiring process and equity standards. 

This page is also branded in a creative and eye-catching way. Just from looking at the page, you can tell exactly what Spotify does. Its job listings are also noted towards the top of the page to ensure people can find relevant openings. 


Netflix’s career page leads with its brand values and ideals. As soon as you enter the page, Netflix clearly communicates what it stands for, what it does and the type of candidate it’s looking for. 

Additionally, its career page uses relevant news articles and blog posts to showcase the company’s growth to attract new candidates. This career page is incredibly successful and well-rounded.


Again, Salesforce clearly communicates its brand values and what type of candidates it’s looking for. Additionally, the careers page advertises its positive work environment, comprehensive healthcare packages and its “Great Place to Work” award from 2020. 

During a job search, candidates like to see transparency when it comes to both the company’s work environment and potential benefits. Clearly listing these on your careers page will help attract some of the best talent. 


Airbnb’s career page uses branded language and imagery to help paint a picture in the candidate’s mind of what it does. ‘What’s your next destination?’ is a great headline to connect potential candidates to the work that Airbnb does. 

Additionally, its open roles are clearly listed towards the bottom of the page, making it easy for job seekers to filter the positions relevant to them. 

Vice Media Group

Vice Media Group is a thought leader in the media industry and has been at the forefront of the digital media movement for a long time. Its careers page clearly reflects that its workplace is one that values individuality and free-thinking. 

Candidates could immediately tell what the brand’s values are. Additionally, this landing page is very consistent with the rest of Vice’s branding as a whole. 


LinkedIn’s career page does a great job of showcasing its current employees and its work environment. Overall, you can clearly see what LinkedIn’s company values are and what it’s like to work there. 

Showcasing your company’s team members on the career page is a great way for candidates to picture themselves working at your company, as LinkedIn does on this page. 

Attracting top candidates as a small brand

Attracting qualified candidates to well-known brands can be difficult, so for smaller brands, the task can seem impossible. How can you compete with larger brands for the top talent in the job market? 

There are a few strategies that your small brand can use to attract top talent including:

  • Use social media. Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are the perfect place to attract qualified candidates. You can connect with candidates directly and showcase the benefits of your workplace at the same time. 
  • Offer growth opportunities. The job market is full of candidates that want to advance their careers quickly. As a small brand, you can offer the ability to quickly learn various skills and more flexibility in your role. 
  • Focus on company culture. People want to feel appreciated and want to like the company they work for. By creating an inclusive culture at your brand, you’ll naturally attract long-term employees.

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Attracting potential candidates can be stressful. From creating a great careers page on your company website to advertising your company’s open positions, there is a lot to consider in the recruitment process.

JobAdder can help you streamline your recruitment process and attract high-quality candidates to your job postings. With software formulated specifically for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, our easy-to-use system can help you find the ideal candidate for your next job posting. You can check out our newest product updates and sign up for a free demo today

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