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Recruitment expert Greg Savage shares his take on the big 2023 recruitment trends 

Greg Savage
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After COVID-19, leaders of recruitment companies could very easily discern and articulate their primary challenges; finding great candidates and hiring capable recruiters.

As the market shifted, the underlying trends became so much harder to understand. As a result, the first and most urgent question I get asked in every board meeting is, “what is happening out there?” Followed quickly by, “how is everyone else doing?”

So, the data in the latest JobAdder report takes on an even more compelling significance than usual. We need to understand before we act.

While it’s clear that new jobs per user and account have dropped, it’s by no means a massive drop. The message instead for agencies is to qualify orders better and manage the process with more confidence and, dare I say it, assertion. ‘Filling a higher percentage of our jobs’ has taken equal priority with ‘taking more jobs’.

The other strong message from this report is the growth of temp demand and how important that is for recruitment agencies’ financial health and sustainability. 

This is a drum we have long been beating. It might be a little late for some, although I would still paraphrase the ancient proverb by saying that “the best time to start a temp desk was ten years ago. The second-best time is today.”

The message about proactive candidate sourcing is also very compelling. Don’t revert to reactive recruiting. You will fill fewer jobs, and they will take longer to fill!

The overriding lesson from this report is the need for agency owners to be agile and proactive in managing the critical drivers of recruitment success—recruiter activities, productivity per recruiter and client and candidate behaviours. 

‘Waiting for the market to return’ is entirely the wrong thinking. Learning how to thrive in a changing market is the imperative.

This report will help you do that.

This is an extract from the State of the Market: ANZ & UK Recruitment Report Q1-Q2 2023, view the full findings and analysis here.

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