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How to avoid any errors when calculating your temp margins

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder

We all know that trying to do maths (*cough* temp margins *cough*) is the absolute worst. We dropped it as a subject in high school for a reason and we shouldn’t have to do it every day at our job. 

Working out temp margins and the nitty gritty maths of every temp role using never-ending Excel sheets and calculators is a massive pain, and it’s one that recruiters and talent acquisition professionals should avoid at all costs.

So, how can you avoid any and all maths and the dreaded errors when setting your temp margins? Technology, of course. 

The tech you need to solve your temp margins

Automation and technology are streamlining every aspect of the recruitment process and temp margins are no exception. 

Our new feature, Rates Calculator, simplifies this very tedious and maths-heavy task for our ANZ users by auto-calculating the margin value and percentage.

All you have to do is input the pay rate, charge rate and on costs applied on a job and our speedy tech provides the margin value and percentage. 

This also allows you to understand the impact on margins when different pay rates are applied during bulk placements.

You can calculate your margins on jobs, wherever you’re working, and speed up your job and placement creation process.

For a temp placement, you can access Rates Calculator when creating a job, placing a candidate or extending a candidate’s placement in the JobAdder platform. 

Working out temp margins shouldn’t be a manual maths chore, tech simplifies every other aspect of our day-to-day lives so let it take this tedious task off your hands.

Here at JobAdder, we’re committed to making the recruitment process more joyful, whether that’s automating tricky tasks or hitting a customer satisfaction score of 99% for our support teams. We’re always happy to have a chat, so get in touch with our team now!

If you’re an existing JobAdder user, first off congrats, happy to have you here! Secondly, you can discover all the details on Rates Calculator in this handy support article.

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