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JobAdder’s subscription model gives Celtic Careers peace of mind in uncertain times.

I have one or two who are not fond of admin and it’s a great relief that I don’t have to chase people. JobAdder has made it so much easier.

Cutting ties 

While Irish recruitment agency Celtic Careers has been placing talent in roles for 21 years, they’d been using a recruitment system that General Manager Sandra Costello describes as “very user heavy. There wasn’t really anything else on the market at the time. We had to click into loads of different places to find what we were looking for.”

The recent challenges brought about by the pandemic shed light on other issues. “I didn’t like the fact that we were tied into three-year contracts and I found there were lots of upgrades. When they were being done it would knock out our system. When we had issues, they’d respond saying it would be resolved at the next rollout, two or three weeks later. I just didn’t find their response to us was satisfactory,” she recalled. 

News of the platform’s merger with another company was the impetus needed to seek a better solution. “There were a lot of issues with posting your jobs and it was so complex, recruiters couldn’t do it themselves. Seeing as they were being taken over, I thought I’d have a look and see what else was out there,” she added.

Something about JobAdder 

It was JobAdder’s user-friendly interface that first attracted Sandra to the platform, but also the fact that there’s no contract. “I can increase or decrease staff and it will take effect the following month. It’s a 30-day contract which really appeals to me.” Other solutions had been suggested to Sandra, but as she recalls, “there was something about JobAdder; I think it was the simplicity.” 

Since moving to JobAdder in 2019, Sandra stresses how easy the software is to use, noting “I feel like I’ve been using it for years and the girls in the team all say the same thing. The mobile app is fantastic. We didn’t have that before and you had to log in to the website on your phone and it was really cumbersome. With JobAdder, you can see the applications that have come in over the weekend and have everything ready to go for Monday. We’ve found that really valuable.”

No chasing required

Sandra’s focus is to develop a consistent approach to hiring across the team, as she tries to guide them to go through the dashboard for everything they do. “We can now post our jobs directly through JobAdder where before we had to use Broadbean as a second application. The team love the fact they can now do everything on the one system and we’re on JobAdder more often because we’re doing less work outside the system,” she said. 

“In the future, I can envisage that JobAdder will be a massive improvement to what we were doing before. I have one or two who are not fond of admin and this has been a huge help to them because it prompts them as they go along and everything is done through the system. It’s a great relief that I don’t have to chase people as JobAdder has made it so much easier.” 

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