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JobAdder enables McCall Norris to increase efficiency by 50%

It’s easy and it’s up to date with the latest technology; it’s reliable and I don’t have system downtime.

A global presence 

As the only global rec2rec business, McCall Norris has offices in the UK (London and the Midlands), Australia and a presence in Asia, servicing a predominantly agency-based clientele. 

Lisa Norris runs the Australian side of the company as Director and works out of their Sydney office. A recruiter for 28 years, Lisa has been in rec2rec for the last 12 years and been a JobAdder user for the better part of a decade. Lisa moved across from her old ATS largely because of the integrations that JobAdder offered as well as the support. “Within five minutes, someone is either chatting to you or online. If there is a problem, you’ve got IT support immediately and it’s in the same time zone. It’s very responsive.”

She also appreciates the frequent updates JobAdder offers. “I also like the fact that it’s always up to date or ahead of its time. Often on a Monday you come in and something is improved on the platform, along with a video to show you how to use it.” 

When speed is needed

For Lisa, the choice of platform came down to one thing: “As with any agency, you’re in a competitive environment. When you’re putting information in, you need to be able to get it out fast because your competitors are all trying to get to theirs as well. It’s a case of who can get to that candidate first? So the speed of access to information is really key.” 

“I get called regularly to move to another system. I don’t feel I need to,” she said, adding that “for some reason when you think of JobAdder, you think of people. You don’t necessarily think of a system.”

As an early adopter of JobAdder, Lisa feels she uses JobAdder quite efficiently. “It’s easy and it’s up to date with the latest technology; it’s reliable and I don’t have system downtime,” she explained, pointing also to JobAdder’s huge focus on learning and development. 

The value in automation 

“As a small business, I need to be highly automated as I’m probably covering the work of three. So I need a tool that’s highly effective. For years I’ve been SMSing and recording my conversations on my phone. I can be anywhere, doing anything. If I’m highly efficient, it gives me more time to have face time with my candidates and clients versus sitting here doing admin and processing documents.”

Lisa added that recruiters needed to embrace their system 150% “because you just can’t survive without the use of it. It’s too competitive. Using JobAdder, I’d say I’m 50% more efficient and can take on extra workload because of the system.”

Looking forward, Lisa would love to expand McCall Norris to include more internal recruitment, RPO work and training. “I really want it to be a professional services business for recruitment, so I can do more for learning, development and training,” she said.

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