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JobAdder enables PWR speed up their recruitment process

JobAdder enables PWR speed up their recruitment process

PWR (Paull and Warner Resources) provide the Australian resource and construction sectors with a comprehensive range of First Response products and services. These include fire suppression materials, Emergency Response vehicles, rescue equipment, emergency response training and personnel hire.

With clients like Rio Tinto and FMG, PWR are the leading provider of First Response sources and training in Australia.

All of PWR’s senior management team have hands-on experience in the Resource, Mining and Construction industries and as such, have unique insight and requirements when it comes to sourcing talent.

Positioned right in the centre of the industry, PWR are tasked with making matches between skilled employees and specialised vacancies. They recruit for the full spectrum of First Response and Emergency Services-related roles, ranging from Paramedics to Security Guards to Boilermakers to Fire Alarm Technicians.

The requirements for each job vary greatly.

With that in mind, PWR were looking for a recruitment platform that would allow them to keep track of – and easily differentiate between – a great variety of different roles.

In addition, the PWR hiring team juggle a large amount of documents and records associated with these specialised roles, such as licenses, First Aid certificates and health certifications.

Using JobAdder has meant that the team have a unified online platform where they can store all relevant candidate information and documentation, past and present.

For Simon Bolding and the team at PWR, the biggest benefit of using JobAdder’s recruitment platform has been candidate management and searchability. Unlike other industries where there is a focus on sourcing the latest and newest talent, PWR rely heavily on their strong network of existing talent to fill roles. In many circumstances, the longer these existing candidates are on their books, the more experienced and sought-after they become.

JobAdder’s ‘View Top 10 Similar Candidates’ is a search feature that allows the team to quickly tap into their database by making intuitive suggestions of existing candidates similar to those they have run a search for.

Simon explains, “Potentially we save ourselves the entire recruitment advertising process, by being able to find past candidates or staff that we have already put into our candidate pool.”

JobAdder highlights for PWR

For PWR, one of the highlights of using JobAdder has been that they are now able to make placements much faster.

“JobAdder has allowed PWR to speed up its recruitment process as the business has expanded in recent years.”

What’s next for PWR?

PWR continues to provide vital First Response materials and services to many businesses. In doing so, they uphold a commitment to nurturing the best talent in the industry and providing them with fulfilling employment opportunities.


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