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Sharp & Carter improves efficiency & productivity

The mobile app is one thing our recruiters love because a lot of them can be working remotely. So they might go to a meeting and a candidate interview, then go back to another meeting and use the speech-to-text functionality.

Shared values

Sharp & Carter have always considered themselves to be a people-focused organisation.

According to Organisational Development Manager Melissa Edwards, “it’s about identifying the right type of people to join our business, opening up opportunities to source people who are like-minded and share the Sharp & Carter values of Excellence, Integrity, Partnership and Enjoyment.”

“Then we look to engage with them, anticipating there’s a fit for us to expand the business,” she added.

This approach has resulted in a rapid period of growth for the agency, expanding from eight employees to 120 within a 4.5-year period.

Improving productivity

“At the moment it’s about consolidation,” said Melissa, adding: “It’s ensuring that we’ve got adequate systems and processes in place so that we can continue to improve productivity.

“Having multiple divisions that operate differently, there are often various approaches,” explained Melissa, who added that this was obviously encouraged. “It’s about having the Sharp & Carter way of doing things to make it easier for people, whilst ultimately improving efficiency and productivity.”

With the agency’s sights set firmly on the future, it became evident that their existing system had limitations. “It was a bit clunky, had been around for a long time and there were also certain capabilities missing,” recalled Melissa.

“With the business evolving and also learning about the technological advances relevant to the industry, we wanted to look at a system that could be user-friendly, quite intuitive but could also grow and adapt,” she said.

Ease of use

Sharp & Carter had initially been using JobAdder as a job posting product. “We went out to market to have a look at who we wanted to go with for a full database CRM,” said Melissa, adding that she’s used JobAdder at previous organisations.

“So when we were looking to evolve from our existing job board posting, I learnt that JobAdder offered a turn-key solution. We did our due diligence and spoke to a number of different providers. We then shortlisted it down to two, which we brought to the organisation.”

What tipped the scales in JobAdder’s favour?

“It was because of the platform’s usability, its ease of use. You could basically get onto it and start, even with limited training and navigate your way around it,” said Melissa.

“It was [also] the dashboard, the look and feel that they [the recruiters] preferred a lot more compared to the other supplier. They just wanted something that was simple and easy to use.”

The survey says yes

Sharp & Carter subsequently carried out a survey 12 months into using JobAdder. Almost 70% of recruiters either agreed or strongly agreed that the platform improved their job management productivity. “It’s been very well accepted,” said Melissa.

In addition, the two aspects that they felt JobAdder excelled at were the mobile app and the ease of use. “The mobile app is one thing our recruiters love because a lot of them can be working remotely. So they might go to a meeting and a candidate interview, then go back to another meeting and use the speech-to-text functionality,” she said.

“It makes their day easier and they don’t miss out on important information. It just makes it easy to organise their time more effectively.”

What has also developed in the process, since Sharp & Carter began using JobAdder, is a partnership between the two. “We’ve got to the stage where I think it’s a really effective and good working relationship.

“JobAdder and Sharp & Carter work closely, whether it’s around a new product or around training. The relationship has evolved and continues to get better as we work together over time.”

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