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VERTO sees significant time and resource savings with JobAdder


As an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation, VERTO helps businesses and individuals with their apprenticeship, employment and training needs.

VERTO knew that its old, paper-based recruitment processes were slowing it down and hindering significant business growth. To address this, the VERTO team invested in JobAdder.

We spoke to Erin Boole, a human resources consultant, and Jon Ulbricht, a talent recruitment specialist, from VERTO about how JobAdder has saved their team time, money and energy, leading to long-term, substantial and positive ripple effects across their organisation.


One of the key reasons why the VERTO team looked for a solution was that they were relying on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes that they knew couldn’t last as the business grew, with VERTO now boasting more than 70 offices. 

“I think the main thing was business growth and our manual processes. JobAdder was our first recruitment platform, before that we were using Excel spreadsheets. As the business grew, we knew that we couldn’t continue doing it that way,” states Erin.

Jon agrees, “yes, business growth and just the demand. The demand was there, it’s just so inefficient doing it via spreadsheets or paperwork. We were printing off every application and for some of our recruitment processes you might get 100 applications, so that’s a lot of paper.”

Erin states that they also needed to present a more professional, streamlined image. “It was also about adding professionalism to our recruitment as well. Originally we were just a small community college, now we’re still a not-for-profit but on a much larger scale with a more professional image. So, we wanted to align our recruitment processes to that as well.”

One recruitment process that needed a dose of efficiency was application responses. “Efficiency-wise, you get a prompt response through JobAdder with the auto response, which goes straight out. People put the application in, they realise it’s an auto response, but it’s still nice to actually be acknowledged. Whereas when you’re doing that manually, that affects your schedule and you can’t actually do it as quickly.”

To remove these manual processes and ensure their recruitment processes were professional and competitive, VERTO explored JobAdder’s platform. 


Once the VERTO team explored their CRM and ATS options, it was clear that JobAdder was their preferred solution.

Erin recalls, “I don’t remember there being too much discussion around the recruitment solution. I think it was pretty much, ‘wow, this one’s ideal’ straight away. We were looking for something that could automate and streamline those manual processes and JobAdder did that.

“There was never that pushy sales approach from JobAdder. It was like, ‘this is our system, we’re here to answer any questions,’ it was very comprehensive right from the start. I don’t think there were too many questions unanswered, so that in itself helped us to make our decision as well.”

While the VERTO team were new to recruitment solutions, they’ve adopted more and more features as the years have gone by. “We didn’t know a huge amount, but I guess we assumed that most recruitment platforms would do the automatic replies and scheduling interviews, all of those kinds of things,” says Erin. “But definitely as we’ve gone along, like even just as recent as last week, Jon and I met with the JobAdder team and we introduced Email Sync. There’s been a number of features that we’ve added, like the crime check automation, DocuSign and others. As we’ve gone along and learned more, we’ve been able to increase the efficiencies that the system can offer. And quite easily as well.”

In addition to JobAdder, the VERTO team introduced a HR platform at the same time, rolling out both solutions at once to digitise and automate all their HR and recruitment functions. Erin states, “Implementation with JobAdder was fantastic. Comparing it to our HR platform implementation, there was just no comparison. Everything seems very well thought out and structured.”

“We really enjoyed it and it was very clear and easy to follow. And we had the implementation project board so we could see clearly where things were up to and we could upload and ask questions on that system.”

This clear and consistent communication has been a clear stand-out for those at VERTO, with Jon praising the support he receives from the JobAdder team. 

“The learning modules are good, I’ve used them quite often. And the help and support line is just second to none. If you ring those guys, it’s easily within the hour that they’re back to you, they’re really good and they’re always super positive. You don’t hesitate to ring them because it’s always a really warm and engaging reception. They just explain all the steps, I love dealing with them and they’re just a credit to the organisation.”

Erin agrees: “We just find, whenever we have a question for JobAdder, the answer’s always, yes, we can do that and this is how we do it. That’s nice as well, always having a solution to our questions and problems.”

This was particularly critical over the last few years. Erin says, “during the COVID-19 crisis, it would have been impossible to continue with the recruitment piece from a distance. However, with the combination of JobAdder and our HR platform, there was no need for any of us to be in an office. So, it was perfect timing, and it also sets businesses up with that security, if something was to happen that was out of the ordinary to one of their staff members or to the workplace.”

“Our programs that we deliver love it from a security compliance point of view as well. We have annual audits, we have quite strict data security measures that we have to comply with, so we know that only the admins have access to the system. Also, all the data is in one place when an auditor comes in, so we’re not pulling out hard files, wondering where things have gone.”


VERTO has seen numerous big benefits to using JobAdder over the years, especially as it’s grown. “With our current staffing of around 350 staff, we estimate that probably half a full-time equivalent (FTE) role would have been taken up with our old manual processes,” says Erin. “And obviously, the platform doesn’t cost us anywhere near that for a year. And that’s with our current staffing. So going forward, you’d be looking at probably saving a full staff member’s time and wages.”

“JobAdder allows HR to put those resources and time back into our employees, which is essentially what we’re here for: to support our employees, organisation and culture and drive the business forward. We can be proactive rather than reactive now. So, it’s more than the dollar value. It’s the flow-on effect.” 

Jon agrees that it’s not just about the time or money savings. “If you’re doing manual work day in day out, you go home exhausted and think ‘God, I hate doing that aspect of the job or that aspect of the job.’ And then you procrastinate and forget things. So, the efficiencies trickle down from my perspective, it’s multifaceted. It’s not just the direct dollars that you can count in a budget or a bottom line, it’s the indirect benefits around mental health, the positive attitude that you instil in your team and the professional image that you put out. It’s all these pluses that I think go into the package, which really helped in making it a winner. To put it bluntly, it’s a winner platform.”

One particular area where they’ve seen huge savings is responding to unsuccessful candidates. Erin states, “that used to be a real bugbear. We used to manually type in email addresses or copy and paste from a CSV into an email to let people know they were unsuccessful, sometimes to 100 or so people. Then you’d get half a dozen bounce-backs because there was a typo or something and you’d be trying to find who bounced back. So, definitely automating that and getting that time saving was crucial.”

“JobAdder reduces error,” explains Jon. “So now, with unsuccessful candidates, it’s as quick as ticking a box and picking the appropriate email to send out to the applicants and it’s done. It reduces error, it increases efficiency and it’s better for your mental health as an operator. In regards to the end user, it becomes a pleasure to use rather than a chore. These manually, concentrated tasks just wear you down energy-wise, but when there are efficiencies and everything just works well, it’s a far better work environment.”

It’s not just the VERTO HR team that’s seen improvements, Erin says others within the organisation have commented on the system. “We’ve even had our hiring managers give us feedback that’s super positive as well. They love it. It’s easy to use. Sometimes with these HR systems you think, goodness sakes, ‘how do I get into that again? And how do I work that?’ But because JobAdder was customised to the layout of our old paper-based recruitment form, it’s familiar to them.”

Jon also loves using the JobAdder system and believes that its simplicity is its big differentiator. “We feel that JobAdder has taken on the job of recruitment selection, they’re specialists in what they do. They don’t try to do a million other things, try to be everything to everyone. They just add on third parties, a lot of things can just integrate with JobAdder, so we’ve found that they’re really good at what they do and how they go about it without trying to do everything for everybody. And I think that’s why it’s such a pleasure to use actually. I love it because it just saves you so much time.”

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