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Cancer Council QLD reduces admin time by 50%

It makes it a lot easier when you’re just told the truth; this is what the product will do…

Cancer Council Queensland, began 60 years ago with the vision to support and alleviate suffering of those diagnosed with cancer and their families.

Through research, awareness, prevention and early detection strategies their staff and volunteers are working toward a cancer free future. Maintaining the core values and vision of Cancer Council Australia, operationally Cancer Council Queensland is independent in terms of hiring and HR.

The Challenge

As a result of the nature of the work, such as high scale events and caring for those suffering the impacts of cancer, Cancer Council QLD has a relatively high turnover rate. Event departments, campaign and support teams are all managing a heavy workload, emotionally and physically and so burnout can be an issue. Allowing for this high volume situation, Cancer Council QLD, needed a system to help them organise, track and store candidate and placement information.
Prior to implementing JobAdder, Cancer Council QLD primarily used Outlook. The recruitment team would need to keep track of and manually manage incoming applications across multiple roles, filtering into one inbox. Storing and sorting candidate details, tracking the status of an open role would be very time consuming, said Jackson Keatinge.

The JobAdder Solution

Easy to use and cost effective, with the ability to easily post to multiple job boards were the key benefits for the choice to implement JobAdder. With just 3 staff members using JobAdder daily, as well as multiple managers accessing the HiringManager portal, things at Cancer Council are “a lot more organised” says Keatinge.

The Benefits

With JobAdder implemented the team are able to easily post to multiple job boards (including updating their company careers page in just a couple of clicks), quick view resumes, assign tasks or track the application status. Sending shortlisted candidates is as easy as sending one email with links to their candidate profile (gone are the days of attaching word documents).
After establishing that JobAdder was the best solution for their organisational headache, they were up and running within a week. “Not a strenuous week by any stretch of the imagination, you could get up and running within 2 days” said Keatinge. There is now transparency across the team.

Eliminating the time consuming task of sorting and chasing up statuses, Keatinge estimates using JobAdder has reduced key administration times by 50%. In addition, HiringManager has eliminated their tedious paper based job order process.


  • Easy to use
  • Post to multiple job boards
  • Sort and store candidate applications and information
  • HiringManager Portal
  • Quick Implementation
  • Organised sorting and storing
  • Complete Transparency of Applicant Status
  • Save time

“It makes it a lot easier when you’re just told the truth; this is what the product will do, this is what it can’t do and this is how long it will take…”

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