JobAdder + QuickBooks

Create invoices in JobAdder that automatically appear in QuickBooks, no middle-office solution required!

(You will require admin access to add this to your account)

As a recruitment consultant at a small to medium agency, invoicing your clients for placements should feel like a reward for a job well done. But it doesn’t, right? Because making your recruitment platform talk to your billing platform is harder than it needs to be.

Get that winning feeling again with QuickBooks x JobAdder.

Our exclusive native integration allows you to create invoices in JobAdder that automatically appear in QuickBooks. Thanks to the unique two-way data sync that shares placement and billing details between both platforms, you can eliminate the need for a plug-and-play middle-office solution altogether.

There’s no reason to dread the business end of recruitment anymore. Because connecting to QuickBooks unlocks the rest of your financial tech stack.

Our job is to bring JOY to your job.

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