JobAdder + TemPay

The ultimate platform for onboarding, payroll and invoicing.

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An all-in-one platform to invoice, engage and pay contractors, casuals and internal staff built specifically for recruitment and consultancy companies.

TemPay is a cloud-based payroll and billing platform that caters to the unique needs of temporary and contractor payroll. The platform boasts a range of features designed for ease of use, intuitive design, speed and no-nonsense support.

With TemPay, onboarding, payroll, and invoicing for contractor and casual workforces is made simple, thanks to its user-friendly design and advanced technology. This enables users to save time spent on administrative tasks and eliminate unnecessary errors.

The platform also provides quick and seamless onboarding by allowing users to push placements from JobAdder directly into TemPay with a single click.

Additionally, TemPay offers contract automation and self-service portal access for candidates to complete payroll, timesheet and invoicing processes.

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