Make more money with JobAdder’s business development features

Discover how JobAdder is enabling recruitment teams around the world to win new clients.

Are you making as much money as you could be? Do you wish business development (BD) could be easier?

BD can be challenging. Managing it in your ATS shouldn’t be. In just 20 minutes you can see how easy it is for JobAdder users to secure new clients and turn opportunities into measurable revenue, revolutionising your BD processes from start to finish.

What’s inside?

In just 20 minutes, our experts will guide you through:

  • The vital role of BD in recruitment
  • How the opportunities pipeline in JobAdder can help you expand, manage, and enhance your business development efforts
  • Leveraging in-platform task management to prioritise effectively and convert leads into successful outcomes

Don’t settle for less. Elevate your BD game with JobAdder.

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