On-demand webinar

Build and engage talent pools with marketing automation

As talent acquisition professional and agency recruiters, we are all aware of the importance utilising and engaging talent pools. From reduced hiring costs to faster time to hire and an improved candidate experience, there is an abundance of benefits to your business.

However, as with most things in recruitment, this is easier said than done. The most common challenge is finding the time and tools to make this a reality. This is where dedicated recruiting marketing automation comes in.

Join Roi-AI and JobAdder for an open demo session as we explore how to use marketing automation to build and nurture a funnel of qualified talent and enhance your candidate experience.

 You will learn more about:

  • How to easily create and add to talent pools
  • Send consistent, branded communication with high-quality CTAs
  • Utilise real-time candidate activity insights
  • Other automation uses and practical examples

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