CareerOne is a leading digital employment brand that offers a unique job hunting experience and innovative corporate solution.

CareerOne has redeveloped its platform to create a class-leading user experience. That improved experience is not only driving more audience and memberships to the CareerOne platform, but it is also delivering better outcomes for job advertisers, job hunters and employers.

Here are the two options:

CareerOne Premium
This is the CareerOne paid job board. Using this job board will post jobs to CareerOne with added priority and exposure on the CareerOne site. Posting to this job board will require an existing CareerOne account with either available posting inventory or an active campaign code. If posting to an active campaign, the campaign code should be given in the additional job posting details, or available inventory will be used.
If there is no active campaign or available inventory, the job posting will be rejected. 
CareerOne Free
This is the CareerOne free job board. Posting to this job board will have a lower priority on the CareerOne site and they do not require an existing account, posting inventory or campaign code (the campaign code field does not appear on the free channel details form).
Upon first posting to the free channel, an account will be created and additional postings will be added to that newly created account.

Here’s why you need your jobs on the new CareerOne job board:

• Creates a job discovery dashboard that suggests the top job matches in the market; unique to each user’s profile
• Recommends jobs to each user based on various skews (their skills, desired benefits, high paying jobs, top companies in their industry etc)
• Provides the user with an instant CV score and feedback on how to ensure their CV is correctly read by recruitment technology used by CareerOne clients
• Guides users with an estimated market value (what salary they should expect), which is based on their profile attributes
• Provides a match score to any and every job in the market
• Alerts users via email and app-notification of top matching jobs as they are posted

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