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Product Update
26th May
Recruiting on LinkedIn: How to find qualified candidates for your job postings

LinkedIn currently has over 830 million users and this number keeps growing. In recent years, this social media platform has …

Best candidates
Advice and how tos
25th May
How to choose the best candidate for the role in a pool of qualified applicants

Struggling to determine the best person for your open role from a pool of qualified applicants?  Hiring the ideal applicant …

what is recruitment
Advice and how tos
17th May
What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting top talent to your organisation. Recruitment is more than just hiring, and …

Advice and how tos
12th May
Top interview questions to ask an internal candidate

It can be hard to find the right candidate when hiring for an open position, particularly if you’re looking at …

10th May
Understaffing: Why it’s bad for business and how to prevent it

Basically, understaffed is a synonym for short-staffed. It means that a business doesn’t have enough employees to operate satisfactorily.  While …

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