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JobAdder for recruitment agencies: Boosting efficiencies and cutting admin

Reduced time spent on candidate search by 50%

Increased efficiency by 50%

Reduced clicks per task by 75%

JobAdder for talent acquisition professionals: Big benefits and savings

Reduced ad spend by 65%
Cut expenses by $1.5-2 million

Reduced time to hire by 50%

Want to streamline your recruitment and hiring process?

Our handy eBook reveals the one mistake that may be increasing your time to hire and how you can leverage your people and technology to cut your cost and time to hire.

Reduce your cost and time to hire cover

Hear why your peers love JobAdder

3rd Feb
Jim Harrison
ESS Super

Being able to easily measure things like time to hire, cost of hiring and volume of activity has enabled us to make better decisions.

17th May
Samantha Robertson

You’ve got to throw yourself into these systems and work out how to use them – you can’t break JobAdder, it’s a friendly system to use, and now that I’ve found the interactive training, I know that I’m confident I’ll be able to find what I need.”

3rd Jan
Adam Crofts
Brennan IT

When you’ve got one source of truth, everything gets done through there. So from a time perspective, purely on admin alone, let alone usability, every single person has saved several hours a week by implementing JobAdder. It was a huge increase.

5th Aug
Mary Blake
Citrus Group

JobAdder provides us with the ability to get some really great insights into market trends and analytics and that’s also a great differentiator for us.

23rd Jun
Senga Allen
Everest People

There are big time savings from our perspective and that’s been all the way through. It’s also about that sense of professionalism that candidates get with JobAdder, the level of communication they get, it’s so important.

17th May
Giles Keay
Constructive Recruitment

“[The integrations are] brilliant. It has enabled us to actually implement different strategies and activities that we want to do.”

3rd Feb
Steve Carter
TAP – The Ability People

JobAdder’s versatility [works well with] our remote working model, particularly with people with disability or impairment, it just makes life really, really easy not just within the team but also with our customers.

3rd Feb
Patrick Mylonas
Burbank Group

I think JobAdder has paid for itself. Previously we found we’d get all these applications and they would be mixed up with our other emails and we’d miss things. Now everything is under a specific job, we know who to contact and can do a bulk email to the recruiting manager to take a look at the candidates.

23rd Jun
Maarten Roosenburg
Smaart Recruitment

We’ve been able to onboard different tools from Referoo to TalentTap. At the end of the day, consultants spend up to 90% of their day on one platform so it’s been great that they can stay within JobAdder and access all these tools.

Highlighted features and integration opportunities



  • Opportunities
  • Account management
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Lead Generator
  • Agency Portal


  • Talent pools/folders
  • Data import tool
  • Resume formatting
  • Resume floating
  • Bulk resume upload
  • Chrome extension
  • Candidate Portal
  • Update your details form


  • Jobs
  • Job briefs
  • Client Portal
  • Job request form
  • Job auctions


  • Custom workflows
  • Tasks and reminders
  • User groups and permissions
  • Submission management
  • Phone screening
  • Lookalike candidates
  • AI matching
  • Client Portal
  • Hiring Manager Portal
  • Video screening


  • Call scripts
  • Interview management
  • Calendar sync
  • Interview scheduling
  • Video interviews


  • Interview scorecards
  • General assessment
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Language assessment
  • Skills testing


  • Mobile app
  • Voice-to-text
Recruitment marketing


  • Job ad formatting
  • Job ad templates
  • Job ad scheduling
  • Job ad tracking
  • Screening questions
  • Video ads
  • DEI
  • Custom application forms
  • Candidate referral form
  • Graduate intake form
  • Expression of interest form


  • Job boards
  • Career pages
  • Social media
  • Job ad quotas
  • Multi-posting


  • Email templates
  • Email formatting
  • Status triggers
  • Bulk email
  • SMS templates
  • Marketing list export
  • Gmail and Outlook extension
  • Automated messaging
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Bulk SMS
  • Email Sync
  • JobAdder SMS

Workforce management


  • Placement compliance
  • Candidate compliance
  • Job compliance
  • Screening
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Right to Work checks
  • Medical questionnaire form
  • Document capture form


  • Job offer templates
  • Custom onboarding fields
  • E-signatures
  • Candidate care
  • Document signing
  • HRIS integration
  • Reviews
  • Hiring kit form


  • Rates calculator
  • Rostering and scheduling
  • Time and expense approvals
  • Overtime calculator
  • Timesheets


  • Basic reporting
  • Advanced analytics


  • Payroll


  • Invoice scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • General ledger