Attract, engage and hire the best talent.

Grow your database, reduce time-to-hire
and provide a great candidate experience.

Manage your jobs, candidates and applications in one place.

Talent acquisition managers often get bogged down in manual processes that get in the way of finding new candidates and discovering who is best suited for the job.

When you need to reduce your time-to-hire, JobAdder helps you do more with less by bringing all of your recruitment activity into one central source-of-truth platform.

Uncover top talent, both within and outside your own database.

Job management simplified.

Job requisitions, records and applicants in one place.

JobAdder ATS and CRM + JobAdder Portals = faster time-to-hire and a better candidate experience.

With Hiring Manager Portal, you can view and action all job requisitions, open or close (and re-open) them as needed, and automatically notify the TA, hiring manager and subsequent approvers of any status changes. Without switching between platforms, email or spreadsheets.

Create job records in your CRM to track applicants for the role with greater visibility and fewer clicks. Link multiple job ads to a single job so it’s all trackable in one place, then watch as candidates are automatically added to the job record with each application.

Or select and add AI-matched candidates from your database when you create a new job record to make the most of your existing talent pool.

The power of proactive sourcing.

Grow your candidate database and save on recruitment marketing costs.

It all starts with your careers page. Choose from different careers page options to showcase job vacancies on your website in real-time, then automate candidate registrations with JobAdder Forms to add new candidate records to your database without any manual data entry. 

When you need to extend your reach with job ads, we’ve got you covered with free, built-in multi-posting that’s unique to JobAdder. Post your ad with flexible expiry dates of up to 120 days to over 200 job boards simultaneously for maximum visibility and to amplify your employer brand. 

Connect to all the best talent marketplaces and add candidates to your database with just a few clicks. We’re integrated seamlessly with sourcing partners like SEEK, LinkedIn Recruiter, SourceBreaker, Sourcewhale, Daxtra, TalentTap, NPAMarketplace, TalentVine, and Interseller.

Headhunt more effectively.

Keep your database warm with quality candidates you can find quickly.

Talent pooling is critical in a candidate-short market. Candidates that are a good fit but weren’t able to get the role may be a good fit elsewhere. Create unlimited talent pools in JobAdder to easily share candidates with the rest of your company and grow your passive database for future headhunting.

Create dynamic talent pools with saved searches that surface relevant candidates who meet search criteria in real-time. Add those candidates to lists for marketing campaigns and headhunting activity, then send an email, SMS or Whatsapp to notify them when a role becomes available, or simply to stay in touch.

When it’s time to hire, built-in AI shows you lookalike candidates with resumes similar to those already uploaded, and identifies potential candidates when you create a new job– before you’ve even posted a job ad! See all the candidates with skills and experience that match the job title and description.

Fast communication and approvals.

Work closely with hiring managers and other stakeholders.

View, schedule or cancel your upcoming interviews from a dedicated interview and task dashboard. Send internal or external interviewers a feedback template to complete during or after the interview. Provide them with an interview scorecard to rate candidates out of 5 on up to 5 criteria.

Submit candidates easily via email or online. Hiring managers can view, comment and rate your submissions right from their inbox, and you can track views, ratings and comments in real-time from the Submissions dashboard in your CRM.

Cut hiring manager response time by 80% with JobAdder Portals. Hiring Manager Portal lets you see when your submitted CVs have been viewed, allows hiring managers to quickly rate submitted candidates and leave real-time feedback on each candidate record. No more chasing up approvals over the phone.

Reporting and insights that matter.

Better visibility of your hiring process has unlimited benefits.

When recruitment activity takes place outside your ATS and CRM, your data integrity, data security and ability to make better business decisions are at risk. Centralisation and digital transformation of your recruitment activity means better collaboration, visibility and ROI.

JobAdder makes it easy to uncover and curate data that can reduce time-to-hire, save on hiring costs, drive team development, improve stakeholder experience and prove the business value of the talent acquisition business unit. 

View built-in reports on your jobs, applicants, candidates, job ads, contacts, activities and add-ons. Get deeper insights into recruitment performance with JobAdder Analytics. Track key business and recruiter KPIs with automated, real-time reporting dashboards.

“JobAdder specialises in recruitment and focuses on developing the technology to ensure it’s a superior ATS, as opposed to trying to tackle the entire HRIS ecosystem.”


Roles filled within one week

100% reduction in agency usage

2,000 candidates imported into JobAdder

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