Recruitment CRM

Grow your database through personal and proactive account management with Recruitment CRM.


Manage business development with recruitment CRM software.

Opportunity records

Import, create and update Opportunity information and open records in a quick view popup.

Business development pipeline

Capture inbound leads and nurture them through your sales pipeline into open jobs.

Deal filters

View the status of deals by filtering by deal status, owner, user group and estimated close date.

Tasks and assignees

Assign deals to users and include activity templates in the deal record for business development requirements.

Convert deal to job

Convert a closed won deal into a new job record with a single click and view matched candidates to start recruiting.

Transfer deal ownership

Transfer the ownership of deal records from one user to another or transfer bulk records.

Clients or Hiring Managers

Collaborate and build relationships using your recruitment CRM.

Contact and company records
Import, create and update Contact and Company information and open records in a quick view popup.
Status updates
Trigger actions with status updates such as closing a record, creating a note or updating an associated record.
Account management
Nurture Contacts and Companies with personalised messages created from custom templates sent via email, SMS or WhatsApp.
Create offices, brands or subsidiaries
Create sub-records and maintain separate contact details and email signatures for each location.
Skill tagging
Tag Contacts and Companies in your database with specific skills, qualifications or sectors that can be used in searches.
Subscribe to records
Follow important Contacts or Companies to receive notifications when the record has been updated.

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Source and sort candidates’ profiles in one easy-to-use recruitment CRM.

Candidate records

Import, create and update Candidate information and open records in a quick view popup to save time.

Search and match automation

Find candidates quickly through predictive search, Boolean resume keyword search and saved searches.

One-click messaging

Select single or bulk Candidate records and use templates to send email, SMS or WhatsApp messages.

Record enrichment

Automatically log activity, notes, documents and social profiles against Candidate records.

Talent pools

Filter and display candidates based on skill codes, candidate ratings, lookalike, preferred and excluded candidates.

Resume management

Upload, parse, format and float resumes connected to Candidate and Application records.


Create jobs from leads or requisitions without leaving your recruitment CRM.

Job records
Import, create and update Job information and open records in a quick view popup.
Manage Job records with single-click actions and drag-and-drop functionality for faster access and page load times.
Job filters
Filter by saved searches, folders, candidate name, resume keyword, postcode proximity and documents.
Candidate matching
Identify potential candidates after creating a Job through automated resume keyword search, ranking algorithm and AI matching.
Job sources
Track where your Jobs are coming from, for example via business development or existing clients.
Predictive search
Use predictive search for Job records, then hover over to ‘Add a Note’, ‘Send an Email’, or ‘Send an SMS’ in just a single click.

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