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Perm recruitment is all about building relationships
with candidates and clients to grow revenue.

Recruitment CRM - Jobs Recruitment CRM - Jobs

Spend more time on people, not processes.

We know how much time recruiters spend on admin, data entry and manual tasks.

JobAdder was built by recruiters, for recruiters, with the goal of simplifying perm recruitment. 

From business development and adding new jobs to sourcing candidates and building talent pools, screening candidates for submission to clients, and placements and aftercare…

JobAdder does the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing relationships and revenue.

Win new business.

Keep your jobs pipeline flowing with the right outbound activities.

Revenue is king and you can’t afford to fall behind in business development, especially in a candidate-short market.

Capture and manage your job leads with Opportunities, our dedicated business development dashboard. Create custom fields in your Opportunity records so that everyone in your team knows what data to collect in their outbound activity. View your sales pipeline at a glance and easily convert opportunities into job records when you close a deal.

Get daily job alerts from companies in your database, even the ones you’ve lost, with Lead Generator. Use JobAdder Forms to request job briefs from clients and leverage Hiring Manager Portal to collaborate with hiring managers.

Recruitment CRM - Opportunity Recruitment CRM - Opportunity

Proactive sourcing.

Connect all the sourcing tools you need to grow your candidate database.

Free, built-in multi-posting is the key feature that sets JobAdder apart from other ATS and CRM platforms. Post your ad to over 200 job boards simultaneously to ensure maximum visibility for your job ads and to cast a wide net for new candidates.

Tap into a wide pool of potential candidates that can be added to your database with just a few clicks by connecting to SEEK, LinkedIn Recruiter, SourceBreaker, Sourcewhale, Daxtra, TalentTap, NPAMarketplace, TalentVine, and Interseller.

Use JobAdder Forms to automatically create new records whenever a new candidate submits an expression of interest. Just share the link to your form and watch as your database is updated in real-time. Or create a custom application form to take your agency branding to the next level.

RM - Channels RM - Channels
WhatsApp Candidate

Unlimited talent pools.

Keep your database fresh with quality candidates you can find quickly.

Our smart algorithms show you lookalike candidates with resumes similar to those already uploaded, and identify potential candidates when you create a new job– before you’ve even posted a job ad. Then you can reach out via email, SMS, phone, video call or WhatsApp.

Next, create unlimited folders to categorise and filter your database so you can find relevant candidates when sourcing talent for open jobs. Use predictive search and Boolean search strings to surface relevant candidates, and save your searches to create dynamic talent pools.

Use JobAdder Forms to ask candidates to update their job-seeking status, communication preferences and contact details, so you have the most accurate information at all times. No manual data entry required–it’s all synced automatically to their record.

Screening and submissions.

Get the highest quality candidates in front of your clients quickly.

Streamline and track the entire screening and submission process in one place with JobAdder ATS and CRM, including screening candidates, gathering feedback on submissions, liaising with hiring managers and resume floating. 

Add a screening questionnaire to your job ads to ensure candidates meet minimum requirements; view, schedule and cancel your interviews from a dedicated interview and task dashboard; and rate candidates and leave comments with an interview scorecard.

Get consolidated feedback on your candidate submissions with the ability to track views, ratings and comments in real-time. Interviewers can submit feedback via a handy template, log against the candidate or job record or fill out a custom form.

Recruitment CRM - Hiring Manager Recruitment CRM - Hiring Manager

Placements, aftercare and beyond.

Provide your candidates with a seamless onboarding experience.

Don’t get bogged down in the admin once you get that final yes from the candidate and client, simplify the onboarding process with offer management; e-signatures for offer letters and contracts; and placement records to keep all the info about your successful hire in one place.

Customise the onboarding process with templates for pre-employment screening, induction preparation, reference check activities and any additional information you need to collect.

Plus, there’s no need to whip out the calculator, easily split fees amongst recruiters based on amount or percentage and itemise and schedule invoices at each stage of the recruitment pipeline.

PM - Placements PM - Placements

“The rate at which JobAdder innovates and provides new releases is fantastic. It’s almost the reverse of a normal software company.”

3X Partners

Reduced talent mapping time from 2-3 days to 2-4 hours

Placed 50 people with a new RPO client in a new country

3,000 candidates imported from LinkedIn into JobAdder

Recruitment CRM - Hiring Manager Recruitment CRM - Hiring Manager

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