Recruitment Marketing

Attract clients and candidates with the right message at the right time with Recruitment Marketing.


Create, schedule and track ads for open jobs.

Job ad templates

Create job descriptions that can be saved as templates, then quickly create job ads with a single click and autofill form fields.

Schedule job ads

Schedule your job ad to be posted at your chosen date and time, and expire or repost job ads as needed.

Screening questions

Add a custom questionnaire to job ads with minimum requirements to screen and qualify candidates for roles.

Candidate Registration Form

Share a link to this evergreen application form that automatically creates and updates candidate records inside JobAdder with each submission.

Custom Application Forms

Add extra fields to capture additional data not found on the standard application form.

Graduate Intake Form

Easily screen and submit graduate applicants for approval with all documents and transcripts stitched into one printable pack.


Post ads to job boards, social media and websites.

Job boards
Post job ads to over 200 global, regional and industry-specific job boards simultaneously with a single click.
Channel quotas
Keep tabs on what number and percentage of your job ads are being posted per user, group or job board.
JobAdder Careers Page
A templated careers page that you can customise with your branding, add job vacancies and link to from your website.
JobAdder Javascript Widget
Embed Javascript code on your website and adjust settings like the number of jobs displayed per page, link and button text and displaying a search form.
JobAdder XML Job Feed
Provide an XML file containing your job ad data that you can use to build a custom job search form, job list, job detail pages or whatever else you need.
JobAdder API
If you want ultimate control, or you prefer working with APIs, you can utilise the JobAdder API to feed Ad data through to any landing page.

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Engage in personal conversations at scale.

Single click messaging

Contact a candidate, contact or company from their CRM record via email, SMS or WhatsApp with a single click.

Bulk messaging

Send templated emails and SMS with personalised mail merge fields to up to 500 candidates, contacts or companies at once.

Message templates

Create email and SMS templates with custom text, tables, images, emojis and video to convey your agency or employer brand.

JobAdder Outlook and Gmail Extension

Import emails and edit or create applications, contacts or candidates, without leaving your inbox.

JobAdder Email Sync

Show emails sent from JobAdder in Gmail or Outlook and automatically log replies against candidate records.

JobAdder SMS (Australia only)

Sending SMS messages to candidates and contacts directly from JobAdder and receive replies to your phone number.

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“JobAdder’s definitely paid for itself in just a few months. It’s more powerful than you think.”

BlueCross Victoria

Reduced job ad spend by 65%

Placed 1,500 candidates a year with a team of 3 consultants

Reduced agency usage by 30-40%

Free Recruitment Marketing playbook

Get 10 job description templates that will stand out from the crowd.