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How Indeed helps you hire today

The most talent
180 million people use Indeed every month, and 72% begin their search on Indeed

Indeed is the world’s #1 job site and, with it, you’ll have access to the most talent in every field. Indeed helps employers reach quality applicants via any device. JobAdder offers an integrated apply process which provides the best mobile application experience for candidates and the highest conversion rate for employers. Employers who accept mobile applications receive 2x as many quality applicants.

Your jobs will be automatically shared to Indeed’s organic job site through the integration with JobAdder. This means, candidates will be able to find and easily apply to your jobs with a simple apply process and all candidate data will be shared automatically back into JobAdder for you to review.

How Indeed can help you drive more hires

Indeed includes millions of jobs from thousands of sources and 8.2 jobs are added per second. Sponsoring your Jobs helps your jobs stand out from the crowd and drives targeted candidates to your most important jobs.

Get noticed by relevant candidates
When you sponsor your jobs, you’ll receive prominent placement in relevant search results. That means your jobs will get noticed by the right candidates. Sponsored jobs receive up to 5X more clicks than free listings.

Spend less to hire
When you sponsor your jobs, you only pay when people click on your jobs. You can also adjust your budget at any time. Plus, there are no subscriptions, licenses or upfront fees. You decide how much you want to spend and Indeed does the rest, delivering predictable results that meet your cost and budget targets.

If you are looking for the Indeed Employer Login you could save yourself some time by posting to multiple job boards through JobAdder.