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SecsintheCity is the #1 job site for PAs, Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Administrators and Office Professionals in the UK.

Every month over 125k candidates visit our site and submit over 115k applications. We have over 580k CVs in the SecsintheCity talent pool. SecsintheCity organise and attend key events in the PA market to attract the best talent. Our audience is loyal: a third of visitors to SecsintheCity found out about it through recommendation and two thirds think SecsintheCity has better jobs than other job boards. Our audience is experienced: 40% earn over £30k, and 72% have 6+ years of experience.

We reward excellence in the sector: The SecsintheCity PA of the Year awards acknowledge the hard work and professionalization of PAs.

Our networking events attract high calibre candidates: we organise career networking events in Central London at which attendees receive career advice, attend presentations and visit exhibitor stands.

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