The 7 SaaS tools Adders use for productivity

Bianca Compagnoni
3 May
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Successful and ongoing work productivity not only requires teamwork and motivation but the right tools and applications. With these extra helping ‘tech’ hands, you can improve and push your recruitment process and business forward a whole lot faster.

At JobAdder many of our teammates have their own tips and tricks that help them stay on their ‘A’ game. Here are a few of their favourite apps and tools that help keep them productive.


Slack is a cloud-based team communication and collaboration tool and software, that helps bring all your communication together.

Our Mobile Product Manager Kim Boutard loves Slack! Especially how it’s “super easy to collaborate, share documents, designs [and] ideas with individuals or teams”. Did you know her team even set up their own Slack bot to let them know when a new build is coming? “It’s a great way to automate some work and alert the whole team” added Kim. Of course, the build bots name is “Bob the Builder”!

Used by millions of people around the globe, Slack is a channel for all communication between teams and collaborators. “This is how we stay in touch, share ideas, and collaborate. It also allows our team to have a personality when communicating with each other; incredibly important in building an effective and empathic support team”, said our Head of Support, Jez Louise.

With integrated file sharing and face-to-face screening, recruitment agencies, corporations and companies can track candidates as they move along the recruitment progress, and gathers all information in one place.


As a task management app and project management software, Trello allows you to track your tasks easily and is quickly customisable. Trello lets you work more freely and you can collaborate with any team whether internal or external.

With its boards, posts and cards, it allows you to organise and prioritise your projects in a fun and engaging way. To give you a clearer understanding, here’s a guide.

We use this tool in our Marketing team to organise campaigns and projects we’re currently working on. Trello allows users to organise big projects in any number of ways and assign tasks to team members that can be moved along the production line. All communication remains on the board, from comments to documents, allowing for easy referral and auditing.


With many video conferencing services out there, Zoom happens to be our favourite. Not just because its name is awesome, but for many other reasons of course. Our Head of Product Akahasha Edwards says that “Zoom is the most reliable video conferencing tool out there, and is critical now that I’m working away from the office 70% of the time”.

Zoom is perfect for recruitment agencies and companies as it can help bring teams and organisations together with its easy and reliable cloud video and audio conferencing.

If you have a global support team like we do, it’s crucial that you can rely on a platform that keeps the team connected and on the same page. Our own Head of Support Jez Louise runs her team from our US office, with staff signing in from Australia to the UK. Sometimes she just “misses everyone’s faces, so getting on a video chat is a great way for us to connect, laugh and still get the job done.”

With group collaboration, screen sharing, integrations, live recording and multiple participants, Zoom’s ease of use will help many recruiters and agencies start off on the right foot. Join a meeting with a single click, and connect to your potential clients without any hassle. Zoom Zoom.


As a business, G-Suite makes collaborating even better as you can do all your work in one place.

G-Suite comprises of Gmail and Calendar for communication, Google Drive for storage and Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms for the rest of your work.

In fact, the entire JobAdder team is paperless since moving to G-Suite and we haven’t looked back. Talk about doing your part for the environment and increasing productivity!


Is your to-do list never ending? Perhaps you’re writing it down once again and can’t even keep track of what’s left to do or already done. Sound familiar? Let Wunderlist come to your rescue.

Plan for anything; professional or personal; receive reminders at any time, collaborate with your team or anyone for that matter, and access your profile with any device. Share your lists and add notes whenever you’re stuck with an idea.

By focusing on one thing at a time you’re able to prioritise what’s most important for your business. That’s what Akahsha believes in. “I use this tool to focus on the most important task at hand. Instead of constantly context switching and multitasking all day, I dump any thought or task into Wunderlist and prioritise at the start of the next day. This really helps me to focus on the one thing that I need to achieve to move the company forward each day.”

Wunderlist even has integration with Slack and Zapier. Add your Dropbox files and help keep your team organised and productive. It’s called Wunderlist for a reason.  


With Airtable your team can organise their work in their own way. Essentially, Airtable is a spreadsheet meeting a database where you can organise and add data with anyone at any time.

The templates created by the Airtable community are incredibly helpful and valuable as you don’t have to start from scratch.

Our social media superstar Sarah Lee is a huge advocate. I’ve always been a spreadsheet kinda gal, but when I saw the number of templates (ranging from Social Media Design & Planning to Project Management Trackers) that were already built into Airtable, it was a ‘Holy crap where have you been all my life?!’ moment.

This means that I no longer have to spend (sometimes a ridiculous amount) of time going on treasure hunts through my computer trying to figure out where I’ve put my last spreadsheet. Airtable displays all your spreadsheets in an easy-to-find page, where you can identify what you’ve been looking for, instantaneously.”


You know that feeling when you forget something or your emails simply pile up and things get lost and everyone is confused? If you quietly answer yes it’s okay, take a deep breathe and think about jumping on board with Basecamp.

You could say that project management is essential for teams to get work done and with Basecamp, its combination of tools can help you increase communication, accountability and keeps your team on the right track.

Features include to-do lists, message boards, schedules, direct messages, real-time group chat, client access and plenty more.

Staying productive especially when you have limited technology, apps and tools can be difficult, but if we find the above apps and tools resourceful and helpful for us, then we hope they can help you too.

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