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JobAdder announces Diversely partnership to boost diversity in recruitment

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder

Global recruitment software provider, JobAdder, is partnering with bias-free hiring platform, Diversely, to roll out a new integration that will help hiring teams source and secure diverse talent.

With UK vacancies showing no signs of slowing down and employers struggling to source skills, rethinking recruitment approaches and ensuring diverse and inclusive recruitment practices has become a necessity for hiring managers and recruitment teams.

Once the new integration is rolled out, users will be able to track five demographics during the hiring process: gender, race, ethnicity and age. This will allow users to be transparent about the effectiveness of their diversity and inclusion initiatives and identify areas where they can improve.

Diversely primarily focuses on the sourcing stage such as job board selection, diversity and inclusion goals and short-listing. This way, customers will be able to self-report on who is being hired, enabling full life cycle reporting.

The integration also helps clients with rewriting job ads for cultural sensitivity and identifying job boards that address socio-economic divides.

While some platforms offer blind CV hiring, Diversely completely rewrites CVs, with only the most relevant elements of the profile retained.

The solution also enables employers to see if there are traditionally underrepresented elements in the profile. The algorithm is also able to pull skills out of the profile and use them to rank applicants when there are hundreds or thousands of candidates.

Martin Herbst, CEO of JobAdder, commented: “As a recruitment management platform, it’s our main goal to help our audience achieve their goals and while there is no easy fix when it comes to solving the UK’s dearth of talent, it’s clear that change is a necessity.”

“While reskilling and upskilling are both extremely important in overcoming the ongoing skills shortage, businesses should also acknowledge the fact that interviewing and onboarding can be very different experiences for minority applicants. Taking action on this will not only diversify application pools but also encourage more people to apply, increasing the number of candidates and producing immediate results for hiring teams.”

“In a bid to help hiring firms take action, we have partnered with Diversely, who share our goal of saving teams time and money when it comes to finding talent and increasing the amount of diverse talent appearing on shortlists. The experts are also committed to helping recruiters to be recognised across their industry as leaders of equality, diversity and inclusion – making this a perfect partnership for us and our clients.”

Want to improve diversity in your recruitment? Access our free eBook with Diversely now.

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