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Joy and JobAdder: How our new brand reflects our mission

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder

We’ve got some big news… The JobAdder brand has been refreshed and we’re bringing some much-needed joy to the recruitment and talent acquisition space!

Our mission is to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved, so it was time for our brand’s look and feel to reflect that. 

Our shiny new website is packed with lots of great resources to help you and your team shine, from blogs like this one to eBooks, webinars, reports, job descriptions and much more.

We want to add joy to the job of recruitment, whether that’s through exceptional customer service, the latest technology features or flexible pricing.

To delve into the details of our sparkly new brand, we spoke to JobAdder’s fearless CMO Taz Bareham to get her take on the new look and feel.

What inspired JobAdder’s rebrand? 

Taz: The JobAdder product and team have evolved immensely in the past few years, but how the brand was portrayed in market was not reflective of this. 

To resonate in a meaningful way with a wider audience required an evolution, to ensure that those who don’t yet know JobAdder can get a greater sense of what makes the product, the customer experience and the culture uniquely appealing.

Why is joy the primary focus in this new brand?

Taz: Joy is inherent in our company’s purpose, so it was a no brainer.

JobAdder’s mission is to make the experience of recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone. It’s what drives our team every day – to deliver joy to our customers in our interactions with our product and people, to ensure the people they interact with in turn have a better experience, but also to ensure within our own internal team that we are bringing joy to each other. 

The positioning is particularly relevant to the world at large after two extremely tough years living life through a global pandemic. We’ve been locked down away from family and friends for so long and everyone is looking for some bright moments. After the last few years, who doesn’t want more joy in their life?!

What inspired the brand’s new tagline?

Taz: We were very intentional with the wording of our new tagline, which is ‘Adding joy to the job of recruitment’, rather than saying we add joy to recruitment. We don’t add the joy, recruiters do that, we remove all the manual admin and operational tasks that get in the way of the joy. We’re empowering and enabling recruiters and talent acquisition professionals through our software.

How can companies execute a rebrand while staying true to their core values?

Taz: Start by asking great questions and truly listening – to staff, to customers – what’s important to them, what is sacred and special. If a brand doesn’t come from the heart then it’s flakey and it won’t endure.

JobAdder has an extremely strong internal culture. With 15 years of legacy to build upon, it was vital that internal staff were taken on the journey and the output was a brand they were all excited by and felt proud of. The only way to deliver this is to build from our DNA.

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