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JobAdder helps JeansWest track potential talent & source leaders

It was the fact that JobAdder is a full package, from both a cost and usability point of view, that was most appealing

From humble beginnings 44 years ago in Perth, Western Australia, Jeanswest has grown into one of Australia and New Zealand’s favourite lifestyle fashion brands. From stylish denim to fashion must-haves, the Jeanswest brand is a household favourite and, of course, boasts one of the world’s largest range of jeans.

Known for its friendly and professional culture, Jeanswest now proudly delivers award-winning customer service and advice to customers in over 210 stores across Australia and New Zealand. The company is owned by Hong Kong based Glorious Sun Group and actively demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability, producing quality garments that are ethically sourced and manufactured.

Over half of the Jeans West Human Resources team use JobAdder to recruit for both retail stores and Support Centre roles.

A majority of the retail positions that Jeanswest recruits are part-time Retail Assistants and Store Management. In addition to this, others in the HR team hire Support Centre roles including more senior positions.

Having transitioned from a retail store role firsthand, Recruitment Officer Stephanie Chara has a thorough knowledge of all facets of the Jeanswest brand and now specialises in recruitment for the company. Of what attracted Jeanswest to JobAdder as a hiring platform, Stephanie said, “It was the fact that JobAdder is a full package, from both a cost and usability point of view, that was most appealing.”

Steph continued, “Each member of our hiring HR team has a login, so we can track candidate history from within a safe and secure platform. JobAdder is also quite straightforward to use; days are busy so you don’t want to be using anything that involves a lot of steps.”

Stephanie shared that it usually takes 28 days to fill a typical Store Manager role, with JobAdder ensuring easy administration to assist in keeping this figure low.

As a consumer-facing brand, consistent, personalised correspondence with all external parties is a big priority for Jeanswest. Being able to store all emails in one place and refer back to them as needed is a part of JobAdder’s functionality that allows the team to stay on top of candidate communication.

Stephanie explains, “Being able to easily change candidate status, whether screening or interviewing, it’s great having email correspondence kept in one place with all candidate details.”

JobAdder highlight for Jeanswest

For Jeanswest, the ability to track candidates as well as the job boards they applied through in one centralised candidate folder is an important feature. This insight allows the recruitment team to track talent and find connections between the candidates who apply through certain job boards and the types of roles they’re typically compatible with.

It also allows Jeanswest to adopt a more targeted approach when hiring for roles in regional areas vs hiring in metropolitan areas.

“This feature makes it easy for us to track potential talent, and from where we are sourcing great leaders. We’re able to translate this information to improve our recruiting strategies”

What’s next for Jeanswest?

Jeanswest leads the way for ethically and sustainably-produced clothing in Australia. This means working closely with production factories and raising awareness to socially-responsible production methods through educational initiatives with local universities and TAFE colleges.

With innovative new designs and materials in the pipeline, Jeanswest continues to produce quality, affordable clothing for many shapes and sizes.


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