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Better together: Revo Fitness achieves an 87% fully engaged workforce with intelliHR and JobAdder

REVO fitness

The award-winning gym chain elevates new employee engagement to receive a +73 NPS score through a best-of-breed HR tech stack.

Company bio

Revo Fitness is a fast-growing Australia-wide gym chain on a mission to make fitness more accessible.

Staff: 350+

Locations: 28

Product: JobAdder, Strategic HR (intelliHR)

The challenge

When Kelly Allison joined Revo Fitness as Chief People Officer, the core business objective was to grow across Australia. Kelly’s challenge in her first six months was to find and implement HR systems that were robust and flexible enough to enable nationwide business expansion, and scale with the workforce as they doubled their headcount year on year.

The three key criteria were:

  • Scalability: Revo needed platforms that scaled alongside the rapid business expansion, while maintaining the positive hiring experience.
  • Confidentiality: Revo needed the flexibility and customisation capabilities to control their people’s visibility of sensitive data.
  • Seamless integration: Revo needed its chosen HR platforms to connect seamlessly, interact effectively, and move data securely between one another. 

The solution: A cohesive ATS and HRIS combination

Throughout her search for the right HR solutions, Kelly had a clear understanding of what she was looking for — a set of specialised or “best-of-breed” solutions that seamlessly integrate with each other.

Instead of opting for an off-the-shelf, all-in-one solution, Kelly wanted to employ the strengths of different products. As a forward-thinking business that actively values and acts on feedback, Revo Fitness needed solutions that could be tailored to solve different problems and create a better experience for its employees.

“We didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. Integration capability was the number one priority when assessing HR systems for Revo Fitness so that we could employ the strengths of different products and still get them to work seamlessly together.” – Kelly Allison, Chief People Officer at Revo Fitness

Thanks to previous exposure in a former role, implementing JobAdder as an ATS provider was a no-brainer for Kelly. JobAdder’s ease of use and ability to manage high-volume recruitment was exactly what the business needed to enable growth at such a rapid rate.

When integrated with intelliHR, Kelly and her team would be able to extend the positive employee experience from recruitment through to onboarding, and across the rest of the employee lifecycle.

Compared to only 21% of employees reportedly being engaged at work globally, Revo’s achievement of 87% of its workforce being fully engaged is a testament to the value of implementing HR softwares that are configured to solve your unique problems – not the other way round.

Key numbers

Enjoyment of recruitment NPSOnboarding NPSStaff fully engaged

Outcome #1: Scaling and streamlining bulk recruitment with JobAdder

Revo Fitness was growing, and fast. With new gyms opening up frequently, the business was hiring large groups of people at the same time. To keep up with the bulk recruitment, Kelly and her team implemented JobAdder.

JobAdder was invaluable in helping Revo scale and streamline its recruitment process. Time was of the essence for the business. Revo Fitness was able to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and centralise candidate information into JobAdder to improve efficiency.

Furthermore, JobAdder provides a highly user-friendly interface. JobAdder’s intuitiveness and robust capabilities benefitted Revo as it encouraged easy adoption for recruiters and line managers in the business as they were the platform’s primary users. The ATS provider’s support tools further helped the teams to overcome any challenge they faced.

As one of the first touchpoints in an employee’s journey, Revo’s recruitment clearly reflected the company’s positive culture thanks to JobAdder.

“We wanted a recruitment system that gave candidates a taste of our culture. JobAdder managed to do just that by making our recruitment such a professional and enjoyable process at the same time.” – Kelly Allison, Chief People Officer at Revo Fitness

Once an employee was hired, JobAdder would seamlessly transfer all the new hire information into intelliHR through the native integration. The integration ensured high accuracy of data, and reduced touchpoints on employee records to streamline operations.

The bulk import function was another valuable tool for Revo Fitness as it efficiently pushed new employees from JobAdder to intelliHR for onboarding – creating the same positively consistent experience for everyone.

“Since we’re continuously opening new clubs and hiring large groups of people, bulk importing all the new employee information from JobAdder to intelliHR has been a major time-saver.” – Kelly Allison, Chief People Officer at Revo Fitness

Outcome #2: Simplifying problem-solving with extensive configurability in intelliHR

Revo Fitness likes to KIS: Keep it Simple. Implementing change is always a delicate balancing act, so Kelly and her team did not want to over-complicate systems. Keeping the employee-facing side of systems simple was key in encouraging high adoption rates among Revo’s workforce.

Therefore it was crucial that after a seamless recruitment experience, intelliHR was able to match JobAdder’s configurability capability to create a consistent employee experience. To ensure the HRIS was set up as intended, intelliHR’s implementation included personalised support from its top-class Customer Success team to configure the platform to serve Revo’s specific needs.

Revo made the most of the design thinking methodology used in intelliHR’s implementation process. By working closely with the intelliHR Customer Success team, Revo Fitness was able to configure the platform and dashboard in a simplified way so that employees could easily navigate through the platform to update their information, check-ins, goals and OKRs.

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the implementation process. Our designated Customer Success Managers gave us such an awesome experience that they’ve set the bar high for tech implementations moving forward.” – Kelly Allison, Chief People Officer at Revo Fitness

Data confidentiality is another critical priority for Revo Fitness. Where other HRIS providers had an all-or-nothing approach with data visibility, intelliHR’s highly configurable permissions allowed Revo Fitness to close down and manage the visibility of sensitive employee data across the workforce. 

This means Kelly and her team were able to control management only seeing the information that was legally and appropriately accessible to them throughout the platform, not only ensuring Revo remained compliant, but also fostering a strong sense of safety and security for their staff, through intelliHR.

“There’s never a ‘no’ from intelliHR — they are always keen to come up with a workaround for any challenges or limitations.” – Kelly Allison, Chief People Officer at Revo Fitness

Outcome #3: Elevating employee experience and engagement

Revo’s ethos is innovation through feedback. The company’s member-first focus involved actively hearing and analysing feedback from its customers to improve its business model. So it was unsurprising that the same ethos translated over to its internal operations when management was tasked with implementing HR systems.

With JobAdder, Revo Fitness scaled their recruitment processes efficiently without compromising on the candidate experience. Applicants underwent hiring processes that were optimised for their roles, empowering them to present the best version of themselves.

New hires shared glowing feedback on Revo’s recruitment process and rated the enjoyment of the recruitment process an impressive +87 NPS (minimum internal expectation was +30).

“It was an enjoyable recruitment experience that made perfect sense for the role. I felt I was able to demonstrate my attributes rather than just tell you about them.” – Member Experience Lead, WA

Thanks to the native integration between JobAdder and intelliHR, new employee data now flows into intelliHR seamlessly – setting new hires up for success from day one of onboarding.

From there, Revo has facilitated various onboarding tasks and workflows through intelliHR to ensure new employees felt informed and supported throughout orientation. The onboarding experience involved a mix of in-person and online elements, which the relevant stakeholders could monitor efficiently thanks to intelliHR’s configurability and automation capabilities.

Similar to JobAdder, employees shared positive experiences of intelliHR and surpassed internal expectations to give the company’s onboarding process a +73 NPS.

“I am impressed with the onboarding system and believe it is one of the better systems I have been exposed to.” – Club Manager, SA

However, what excites Kelly most about intelliHR is that it amplifies relationships with employees around happiness, wellbeing and performance. Through the effective use of goal management, regular check-ins and powerful analytics to support data-driven decision-making, 87% of Revo Fitness staff were found to be fully engaged.

“Investing in a HRIS gave us such great people data and insights. We are able to look holistically at our team. Having the ability to look over time at their performance together with engagement, happiness and wellbeing has amplified our people relationships.” – Kelly Allison, Chief People Officer at Revo Fitness

Revo Fitness gets to truly experience the best-of-breed advantage moving forward. With JobAdder and intelliHR implemented, the business can continue to build onto its existing HR tech ecosystem with other functions like payroll, workforce management, a learning management system (LMS) and more. Revo Fitness is well-positioned to elevate its employee experience and engagement throughout the entire employee lifecycle — all the way from recruitment to onboarding to offboarding.

About the intelliHR x JobAdder native integration

Integration capability was the number one priority for Revo Fitness. The intelliHR and JobAdder native integration enables forward-thinking businesses like Revo Fitness to create a top-of-the-class employee experience by seamlessly transferring new staff information from JobAdder to intelliHR.

When new employees are hired through JobAdder, their information and documentation automatically flow into intelliHR and into the new hire’s individual profile. The intelliHR and JobAdder native integration helps HR and recruitment teams gain back valuable time and effort so they can move away from manual admin tasks to more strategically-led initiatives.

“When intelliHR reached out to JobAdder about an integration, it was a no-brainer for us. intelliHR lives and breathes the customer, just like we do at JobAdder. intelliHR extends the recruitment journey through their platform and their large breadth of integration partners. That’s the huge benefit of an integrated tech stack, it provides a seamless experience without compromising on the functionality available to users, which ultimately just adds a bunch of joy to the job of recruitment.” – Regina Dinneen, Head of Product: Partnerships and Integrations at JobAdder

To top it off, the integration ensures the full employee lifecycle is catered to from beginning to end. From recruitment to onboarding to making data-driven decisions for employee engagement, performance and retention and finally to offboarding, HR leaders using the intelliHR and JobAdder native integration can feel confident in designing a holistic experience for all their employees.

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