JobAdder + Bilflo

Back office automation for time keeping, invoicing, real-time business intelligence and accounting

Bilflo understands the need for integrated solutions, rather than end-to-end solutions. Bilflo was designed to integrate your front office (JobAdder) with back-office processes (time management, payroll and accounting), eliminating the need to manually enter data in multiple places.

Bilflo consolidates and tracks sales and recruiting activity, consolidates time and rates from various systems and unifies sales and gross profit data. With all of this data in one place, you get an accurate overview of your contractors, sales team members and organisational health.

Bilflo enhances your JobAdder account with:

  • Real-time, customised reporting and analytics
  • Limited back office management integration partners
  • Import bulk timekeeping
  • Adding custom pay bill items

Connect your JobAdder account with Bilflo by creating a Bilflo account here.

Workforce Management
Chat, SMS, Text & Messaging
Background & Reference Checks
Billing & Invoicing
Productivity for Recruiters
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