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Refari transforms your website/careers page to boost your applications and referrals to drive more placements.

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Your Comprehensive Solution for Recruitment Website Technology, Marketing and Candidate Referral Technology 🌟

Recruitment Website Technology 🌐:

At Refari, we are renowned for our expertise in recruitment website technology and development. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your existing website, building a new website yourself or desire a new bespoke website crafted by our seasoned experts, Refari is the definitive choice.

AI-enabled Marketing πŸ“’:

Beyond our web services, Refari stands at the forefront of recruitment marketing. We deliver pioneering strategies to drive, engage, and re-engage both candidates and clients. Additionally, our technology facilitates AI enhanced social sharing of job adverts πŸš€, amplifying website traffic and bolstering brand awareness. With features such as custom Job Alerts and Job Alert suggestion technology πŸ“¬, we ensure the success of your recruitment job board is unmatched.

Sourcing with Candidate Referrals  πŸ”—πŸ“’πŸš€:

At Refari, we specialize in enhancing both internal and external referrals. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology, we offer a refined process designed to effectively engage prospective candidates, ensuring the pinnacle of recruitment success.

Our Referral technology includes:

  • Seamless digital referrals for candidates and job positions.
  • Direct display of referral rewards on job advertisements.
  • Comprehensive referral transparency with a dedicated dashboard for referrers and real-time progress notifications.
  • Full compatibility with conventional referral methods.
  • Integration with Jobadder, detailing the referrer directly on the candidate’s record.

A detailed referral success report, aiding clients in efficiently managing referral incentives.

The deepest Jobadder Integration βš™οΈ:

Our standout attribute is the extremely deep integration with JobAdder, which offers:

  • Easy posting of job listings to multiple job portals and your website in one go.
  • Efficient editing of job adverts and job-specific screener questions.
  • Continuous two-way data synchronization, safeguarding data accuracy.
  • Depth of integration, ensuring seamless interfacing and maximized utility across all functionalities.
  • Advanced utilities such as custom forms and user registrations, synchronized impeccably with JobAdder for a seamless recruitment process.

Our unwavering commitment at Refari is evident in our dedicated team that assists you from design to integration, ensuring harmonization with your current systems. With Refari, you don’t merely select a product – you embark on a partnership destined to uplift your recruitment framework.

For a Careers Site, Recruitment Website, or RPO Website, confide in the expertise of Refari’s adept team to achieve unparalleled, tailored outcomes.

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