JobAdder + LinkedIn Basic Jobs

Post job ads to your company's LinkedIn page, without leaving JobAdder

As a hiring superstar,  you don’t have time to toggle between different job board platforms to post the one job ad. You need your ATS to speak with the most used professional platform in the world because it’s your mission to find the best people, quickly.

Let the talent come to you with JobAdder x LinkedIn Basic Jobs.

Thanks to our new job board integration method, you can easily enable your LinkedIn job board from within your JobAdder account.

This means you can post your Job Ad straight to your Company’s LinkedIn page, without leaving JobAdder! Your applicants will see your branded application form, which will feed into your JobAdder account, ready for you to screen.

Save time

Say goodbye to posting your job ad in two places! Post to LinkedIn at the same time as your other job boards, without leaving JobAdder.


Let the LinkedIn applicants come to you. Attract a sea of new candidates who aren’t checking the other job boards you post to.

No cost

Enjoy a fee-less integration, posting via JobAdder to LinkedIn uses the no-charge, basic posting functionality (music to the Finance team’s ears)

Add LinkedIn Basic Jobs to your job board today.

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