What is Outplacement?

Outplacement refers to the processes and procedures involved in helping a job seeker whose employment has been terminated by a former employer secure a new job.

Outplacement services are provided by a specialist third party company, and the costs of a job seeker using their services are usually covered by the job seeker’s former employer that terminated their employment.

People may be in need of outplacement services if they are making a career change and seek industry knowledge to assist them in entering a new market, or if they are having trouble re-entering the workforce after having left a company due to unforeseen circumstances.

The goal of outplacement firms is to ease this transition process for candidates by providing services like job interview training, career coaching and assisting candidates to improve their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. As well as practical advice, outplacement companies provide career counselling support to employees that may have lost their jobs as a result of redundancy or the downsizing of their previous company.