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3X Partners makes 50 hires for one RPO client and imports over 3,000 quality candidates, all using JobAdder’s LinkedIn integration

With the LinkedIn integration, we placed 50 people with just one client alone in a brand new country where we had no database, starting from scratch. That was amazing.

3X Partners

Craig Bagshaw is the Founder and Director of 3X Partners, a full stack advisory firm in executive search and RPO services.

As a JobAdder customer since 2014, he’s seen the software solution develop over the years, and it’s allowed his firm to grow and develop as well. 

We chatted to Craig about how JobAdder’s features, and its recent LinkedIn integration, have vastly reduced manual tasks associated with talent mapping, so that consultants can focus on high value tasks like improved human interaction and communication.  


3X Partners were facing similar challenges to other recruitment firms regarding the tight talent market seen across Australia and around the globe. Craig states that this climate, coupled with the vast array of manual tasks/processes in E2E hiring, were significant issues they had to address to adapt.  

“Over the past six months, there’s been an extremely candidate short market. Job ads and outreach emails are just not yielding the ‘return on effort’ that they used to. JobAdder allowed us to deliver consistent quality to our clients through the funnel management, the workflows and the pipeline management. I think one of the biggest hurdles is time wasting and getting those time savings because there’s lots to do.”

Reducing manual work and the workload of his team was crucial to Craig, both when he first introduced JobAdder to his team and also as new integrations, like the two-way integration between LinkedIn and JobAdder, were launched. 


These integrations proved to be transformative for 3X Partners. “I think the integrations are really problem solving at scale. You can do so much more with less effort and less people. It’s really allowed us to raise the transparency for all parties in the hiring process. For example, we can do better job intake meetings and candidate interviews. Ultimately, it gets us to the end point faster, even if there’s a bottleneck. It’s important to fail fast or fill fast, and aiding the transparency i.e. getting us on the same page with clients were big benefits.”

Beyond the LinkedIn integration, there are a range of other features that JobAdder offers that streamline processes for Craig and his team.

“JobAdder has many features like voice to text, email templates and Email Sync, those are just a few. I think the integrations with lots of other systems in the JobAdder marketplace, like Referoo, Zapier, Recruiter Insider for the candidate experience, Candidate ID and our own platform [Perpetual Hire], has really helped us maintain candidate commitment and quality.” 

“Other things would be the ability to configure JobAdder how you need to use it. Customised reports and capturing/searching client/candidate data has some good features. User experience is fantastic!”  


When it comes to the LinkedIn integration, Craig says the benefits have been clear with a wealth of new candidates coming through the two-way integration.

“Just over 3,000 candidates have been imported from LinkedIn into JobAdder. We’ve got a dedicated team that do all the candidate mapping. I think one of the biggest benefits for that is we have an RPO client where we made 50 hires with one client that was overseas. The JobAdder/LinkedIn integration was super useful because manual talent mapping takes an eternity [if done right]. It could be two or three weeks for a search or role to be mapped correctly. Now with that volume of roles (80+), we couldn’t deliver within a reasonable timeframe. With the LinkedIn integration, we placed 50 people with just one client alone in a brand new country where we had no database, starting from scratch. That was amazing.” 

“When JobAdder first announced the LinkedIn integration, I was desperate to use it. Without the integration, I would’ve needed to hire more people but even that’s problematic. If you can deliver faster as a business, then you get success quicker and it hits your bottom line.” 

This ability to source and hire in high volumes with the LinkedIn integration was a big drawcard for Craig.

“If you’re doing volume [talent mapping] and adding, let’s say 50-100 plus people per role, it used to take us days. Now we can map a role for a client and have everyone in JobAdder in probably two to four hours tops, depending on the volume. It’s a huge difference. I know you’re evolving the integration and extending it further, but Version 1.0 has been fantastic.”

Beyond the easy sourcing it allows, Craig says that the integration has a number of other features that make his job a lot simpler and more joyful.  

“You’ve got all the search functionality within LinkedIn, rather than standard accounts, but I guess from a JobAdder perspective, I really like the fact that you can tell whether or not the person’s already in the ATS. So, it reduces the waste in terms of duplicate applicants being added to the database. That’s a really good feature.”

“Just the ease of adding the person to JobAdder, it’s literally like two clicks. It’s fantastic. Especially for specialist recruiters that work within a particular niche or search firms/RPO that are doing volume/scale or lots of different roles, it’s fantastic.”

“If you focus on a particular area, be it technology across the board or a specific niche, it’s hard for someone to keep on top of talent pools. So what this feature does is it allows someone to be able to map or talent pool extremely quickly.”

JobAdder’s LinkedIn integration is only one part of an ecosystem that prioritises and pushes consistent development and innovation. As a long-term customer, Craig states that it’s this dedication that really sets JobAdder apart.

“It’s the research and development and the constant new features; the mobile app, voice to text and the AI tool. There’s so much stuff I haven’t even used, but the core product itself does everything that you need.”

“It’s brilliant because the rate at which JobAdder innovates and provides new releases is fantastic. It’s almost the reverse of a normal software company where the users are constantly saying “what about this? What about that?” Like I said, it’s problem solving at scale, leveraging technology. Everyone seems to think that recruitment has to be manual because it’s human to human, right? It’s a relationship, which it is, but why not give people the tools and the technology to be able to do what they do X5?”

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