Category: Video Interviewing

JobAdder + Alcami Interactive

Alcami Interactive is an on-demand video interview platform that helps you pinpoint top talent faster.

Alcami Interactive is a next-generation, on-demand digital video interviewing platform. Their elegant and easy to use technology helps organisations screen hundreds of candidates in record time while providing an exceptional candidate experience, in a fully branded portal.

Alcami Interactive provides organisations and JobAdder users with a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace. They remove the need for manual, inefficient telephone screens and replace them with a rich video interview platform.

With a strong focus on the candidate experience, candidates can take the interview at any time, in any location, on any device and can start the interview with a single click.

This integration empowers companies and JobAdder users to win the war for talent by providing a platform to assess and select talent through the use of structured video interviewing software, and the use of artificial intelligence.