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JobAdder + Astute Payroll

Astute Payroll's robust accounting software makes workforce management easy.

Astute Payroll’s award-winning software and outsourced payroll solutions assist the recruitment sector by automating the management of temporary and contracting on-hire employees – including compliance, induction, TFN submissions, online timesheets, expenses, award interpretation, invoicing and payroll.

Purpose built for the recruitment industry, Astute Payroll’s unique workflow tools improve cash flow, probity, reliability, and seamlessly integrate the front and back end of any recruitment business. Clients can choose one or more of the modules they need to manage an effort-free workforce and complete payroll, or they can select Astute Payroll’s Outsourced Payroll service and absolutely everything will be managed for them.

Astute Payroll effortlessly integrates with JobAdder. Once a placement is created in JobAdder, corresponding employee, client and job records are created in Astute Payroll ready for timesheets, payroll and invoicing. No more double-entering of placement information!