JobAdder + Cronofy

The Cronofy API allows users to integrate their calendar with the calendars of their customers

Cronofy provides a unified calendar API that allows users to integrate their apps and services with Google, Apple, Exchange and many other calendar services without having to worry about which calendar service their customers use.

Users can focus on utilising Cronofy’s two-way calendar interaction to enhance the quality of their service and to embed their offering deep within the life of their customers. With Cronofy, users can schedule an interview from a job or candidate record without having to move back and forth between web browsers

  1. Get Started

    Activate Cronofy. Simply sign up for Cronofy in JobAdder’s ‘Apps & Add Ons’ page.

  2. Connect

    After hooking up with Cronofy, you will be prompted to select which calendar you’d like it to be synched up with.

  3. BAM

    Away You Go! Once Cronofy is live, it will automatically push any scheduled interviews created in JobAdder through to your calendar of choice.

What you need:
All that’s needed is the login information for a user’s existing calendar accounts

Additional Services:
After an interview invite is created in JobAdder and pushed through to a user’s calendar, it is then sent out to both internal and external attendees.

Cronofy also provides a selection of free Calendar Connectors for users to integrate their calendars with Evernote, Slack, Zendesk and more.

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