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JobAdder + HROnboard

HROnboard is employee onboarding software that is dedicated to simplifying the onboarding process and creating a great first impression for new hires.

JobAdder and HROnboard have teamed up to take hiring talent to the next level. Both paperless warriors and advocates of cloud computing technology, this partnership is destined to make the lives of recruiters and HR managers a whole lot easier.

HROnboard is cloud-based employee onboarding software that helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process.

Through a branded new hire portal, new hires can complete all of their documentation and provide the necessary information required for them to start work. Onboarding tasks can also be assigned to the new hire or to other employees to make sure everything is ready for Day One.

Creating a seamless workflow from recruitment in JobAdder to integrating a new staff member into your business with HROnboard, integration with HROnboard alleviates the amount of paperwork and manual administrative tasks required to hire and onboard top talent.