Email Marketing

JobAdder + MailChimp

MailChimp is a platform that enables users to distribute and manage email campaigns for the purpose of optimising their communication with customers.

An effective email marketing tool, MailChimp allows users to craft and manage targeted email campaigns and to gain insight about their audience based on the results.

When sending out communications to clients and customers, JobAdder users can choose from any number of customisable templates dependant upon what format fits best, be it a standard email, a newsletter or a survey template.

Users can export contact lists from JobAdder into MailChimp with ease and then manage any email campaign with their up-to-date contact lists.

MailChimp’s detailed reporting features, showing such things as average click rate, average open rate and total number of unsubscribers, allow users to track and review customer engagement.

  1. Sign up for a MailChimp account. Within the ‘Apps & Add Ons’ page in JobAdder, select MailChimp and click ‘Enable’ in order to link your account with MailChimp.

  2. Select a list to export. From within your ‘Contacts’, ‘Candidates’ or ‘Job Applications’ grid, select a list of contacts you wish to export to MailChimp.

  3. Complete the export. Export the list of contacts to a list in MailChimp by clicking Actions>Export to MailChimp.

  4. After the export is complete, a pop-up will appear confirming all of the contacts that were exported successfully, as well as any that weren’t.

  5. Email Away! Once you have created an email campaign that you’d like your list of JobAdder contacts to receive, simply select that list and email away.

Note: Access to the MailChimp integration is only available to Admin users.

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