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JobAdder + Oncore Services

Oncore Services specialise in providing expert contractor risk mitigation and payroll solutions.

Oncore Services is a global outsourcing company that uses leading-edge contractor management software to deliver payroll solutions and services for contractors.

Oncore Services provides recruiters with robust and tax-compliant engagement models and manages the flexible payroll, reporting and admin associated with contingent workers in their workforce.

Oncore Services’ specialised software also includes online timesheeting, expense processing and detailed reporting functionality, ensuring that risks are mitigated with comprehensive and compliant processes and technology.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Sign Up

    Contact Oncore Services to get set up with an account.

  2. Connect

    Once your account is set up notify the JobAdder Support Team and they will enable the integration on your JobAdder account.

  3. BAM

    Contractor data will now be exchanged seamlessly between Oncore Services and JobAdder!

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