JobAdder + Spark Hire

Spark Hire's easy-to-use platform for video interviewing provides an effective way for companies to connect with top talent.

Spark Hire’s intuitive video interviewing software provides a simple way for HR and recruitment teams to get the most out of their search for candidates.

With Spark Hire, recruiting professionals can submit a link via email, print or their own website inviting job seekers to a video interview. This video interview can be either face-to-face* with a team member or a one-way interview submission that the job seeker can create in their own time, answering a series of questions provided.

Video interviews are automatically stored for future access and can be shared with colleagues for final input on a promising candidate.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Get Started

    Sign up for a Spark Hire account. Obtain your API key by clicking on your user photo and going to “Settings.” Click on “Marketplace” and find JobAdder, click “Integrate.”

  2. Connect

    Follow the steps there to obtain your API key, and then go to JobAdder>My Settings>Spark Hire. Click “Enable” and follow the setup instructions.

  3. BAM

    You will now see the “Video Interview” option when you schedule an interview in JobAdder.

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