Web Design

JobAdder + Volcanic

Volcanic are experts in creating personalised websites that deliver exceptional results for recruitment businesses.

With a strong understanding of the global recruitment market, Volcanic produce high-performing websites for recruitment businesses that help them get better results.

Volcanic have an international presence, with offices in Manchester, London, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.

Volcanic apply custom designs and in-built SEO to the websites they create, helping businesses amplify their digital presence and promote their brand. Strong analytics, unlimited Customer Support and regular updates allow the recruitment websites Volcanic create to succeed.

Thanks to this integration, recruiters can post job ads on their own Volcanic-built website.

Here’s how to get it up and running with JobAdder:

  1. Get Started

    First you must have a live, Volcanic-built website.

  2. Connect

    Obtain your API key and Volcanic domain, then provide to JobAdder Customer Support.

  3. BAM

    JobAdder Support will set Volcanic up on your account and have you posting to your Careers page in no time!

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