Jobs in HR

Jobs in HR

Jobs in HR is a targeted employment advertising product developed by Job Media Pty Ltd.

Many of Australia’s leading HR recruitment specialists have been advertising their jobs through Jobs in HR since 2005, in addition to a huge variety of employers in public and private sectors.

The key to the success of Jobs in HR is their daily and weekly email bulletins, which reach over 12,000 HR professionals nationally. Most of these HR professionals are currently employed and while they are still interested in new opportunities, they do not browse traditional large job boards regularly, if at all.

Jobs in HR email bulletins are driven from their website and only include real HR jobs. Jobs in HR employees manage the content very carefully and try to ensure that each email bulletin contains only new opportunities. This enables them to reach a high-quality audience and retain their attention.

Such quality candidates are almost impossible to reach through regular advertising channels, so if your advertising campaign doesn’t include Jobs in HR, you could be missing out on the best people available!

Job Media is a privately owned, Australian company specialising in delivering affordable, targeted recruitment advertising products. They are not affiliated with or owned by, any other company or organisation.

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