Recruitment doesn't have to be so hard

This is the premise on which JobAdder was founded in 2007.

Since then we have been on a singular quest to simplify the recruitment process. We do this by removing the clicks and the clutter, creating beautiful, easy to use interfaces, providing world class customer support, and otherwise getting out of the way.

Do more of what matters. Experience a simpler way of recruiting.

JobAdder was built exclusively for the web from the very first line of code we wrote. Web was not an afterthought the way it was for most recruitment systems on the market today. The web and mobile are in our DNA and that is one of the reasons we lead the market on product innovation and ease of use. We relentlessly look for ways to use technology to simplify recruitment. Recruitment teams that use JobAdder spend more time doing work that adds real human value.

Meet the leadership team

Brett Iredale - Chief Simplifier

In 2001 Brett founded his first business, an IT Recruitment Agency called GuruSearch. Fueled by the belief that recruitment doesn’t have to be so hard, Brett went on to found JobAdder in 2007.
Today Brett oversees over 80 ‘Adders’ in 4 countries, as well as 2,200 clients worldwide. Leading from the front, Brett’s vision for JobAdder has remained consistent: simplicity, innovation, and awesome service.

Brett Mason - CTO

Brett Mason joined Brett Iredale at GuruSearch in 2004, and has been an Adder since day dot! As our Chief Technical Officer, Brett heads up after the architectural, technological and environmental aspects of JobAdder.

Darren Watts - Go to Guy

Following a successful career in Sales and Trade Marketing, Darren started at JobAdder as General Manager in 2009. As the company grew, he took on the role of Sales Director in 2016 and now leads our global sales team.

A Brief History

Founded GuruSearch

An IT Recruitment agency specialising in ERP and Software professionals based in Sydney, Australia.

View Web Archive 2001


A job board technology company. Developed over 25 international job boards and an end to end white label job board product.


Closed GuruSearch

GuruSearch was closed to focus on growing the technology business.


Sold NowHiring

Successfully sold NowHiring and launched version 1 of


500th Customer

Signed 500th customer.


Opened Denver Office

Opened a US office in Denver, Colorado. Signed 800th customer.


Opened a UK Office

Opened a UK office in London. Signed 1000th customer. Built world class development and QA team in Sydney.


2000th Client

Signed 2000th client. Welcomed our 40th Adder.