5 reasons why an ATS is a must.

5 reasons successful recruiters absolutely need an ATS

Stuart Read
26 Nov
Reading time: 4 minutes
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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) isn’t just for large internal recruitment teams or blue chip beasts. The future is being an organised hirer, and here’s why…

ATS, CRM, RMS… or whichever other acronym is attached to your applicant tracking software, is usually seen as that thing you have to get when your recruitment operation gets so large and disorganised that you have no choice. But in reality, a solid ATS should be in place for any company that is hiring even 3 or more new staff per month. Apart from the actual day to day hiring being made easier and more efficient with a software platform, the human aspect of your hiring process is far more crucial. Your staff is by far your most important and usually most expensive asset, and their experience of being hired will have a knock-on effect throughout their time at the company. Candidates whose applications, interviews and on-boarding processes have been positive are far more likely to stay at the company, be more productive and become a positive brand ambassador.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why an ATS is a must for any company serious about recruiting effectively:

1) Job Board Advertising

This is usually the first port of call for most companies. A good ATS will integrate with job boards offering multi job posting capabilities, but more importantly will carry out comprehensive analytics. You need to know where your money is being best spent by seeing not only the volume of job applications but which ones are actually leading to placements.

2) Recruitment Agencies

Agencies, for the majority of companies, are an integral part of the recruitment process. But at the same time there is usually a desire to reduce agency spend as well as ensure your chosen recruiters are providing a good level of service, for both companies and job seekers. A solid recruiting software, ideally cloud-based, will manage all agency submissions in an easy to manage portal whilst analysing the quality of candidate success and retention rates. This has the potential to save time for the recruiter as well as the hiring manager.


If you’ve not heard of this dastardly little four-letter acronym then you must have been living on the moon for the past 12 months. It has been the cause of much stress and confusion for all types of businesses, but especially those involved in human resources and recruitment. Gone are the days of keeping tons of applications and CVs in your inbox and going back to them when you need. We all now need that peace of mind that a good ATS brings. An ATS with effective solutions to manage your company’s GDPR compliance.

4) Candidate Experience

Slightly repeating myself on this one but it is the most crucial part of your talent acquisition process. We need the tools in place to ensure a good experience for those we hire as well as those we don’t, from the first job ad when they apply for a job, to the on-boarding experience. And we want those that we do hire, to start their jobs knowing they’re working for a well organised, modern company where they feel valued and secure. An ATS will not automatically make your candidate hiring experience impeccable but it will help a lot.

5) More money, more problems

No, actually the contrary. There’s no prizes for guessing that an ATS costs money and is often seen as an unnecessary expense. It may also be tricky to pin down the ROI, but believe me, an ATS used correctly will make you more cost-efficient. Reducing job board spend with sites that aren’t producing results, ditching agencies whose staff don’t stay, increasing candidate acceptance rates and saving HR personnel a mountain of time are just some of the things that help to trim your spending.

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