Category: Reference Checks

JobAdder + Checkmate

Checkmate does candidate reference checking through a simple and seamless online experience that is fun and easy to use.

Checkmate has transformed the process of reference checking by adding unique features that not only improve the insight into your candidates but enable the promotion of your organisation, all with unmatched user experience.

Take control of your brand as Checkmate enables you to present your organisation or brand to referees and candidates as you want them to see you. With customisable templates, as well as an extensive library of referee questions to select from, Checkmate’s built-in logic flow allows you to set unique follow up questions depending on earlier answers.

If the referees fail to complete it in time, Checkmate automatically chases up the candidate and referees, including back-ups if needed, and lets you get on with other things. Try it free, then pay as you go.

This integration will provide a seamless link between JobAdder, Checkmate and the candidates and referees. It’ll remove any additional handling/data entry and will make for an easy, centralised point of management.